Why Bother?

Its full steam ahead this week to finally clear the warehouse of all the crap that finds it way in there. But is it really worth it? I think not with a new SUPER Tesco opening just around the corner and the merger between Morrisons and Safeway. Our little Somerfield is on its way out of waterside retail park.

But you should be Happy. You hate working in that dump.
That is true, but its also paying for my new pooter*. Its a nice store and there are a few** nice people there. I spent today listening to depressing songs and reaching an all time low. I thought things couldn't get any worse, then they put me on the kiosk. Me and the kiosk don't like each other. I'm too big for it, i have to crouch down to see the till display. Plus the damn till bar code scanner doesn't beep, bloody thing causing me chaos.

Todays rating, 2/10. I was too depressed, and had to spend most of the day with my mind for company.

*(pooter = computer, just thought i would clear it up for you challenged few)
** few is the optimum word here, i despise most of them

4 Replies to “Why Bother?”

  1. I agree, Somerfield is doomed 🙁 Customers already prefer Tesco, they only come into Somerfield for the offers and complain that our prices are too high. What can we do about it! if anything…

  2. Somerfield……well its not always been the place i would shop sorry to say. And Tink mate cheer up your a fantastic person and you dont have to be so miserable.Coming out with us lot on a monday night will cheer you up.

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