Another Slayer Fan

I have just finished an extensive chat with Hollie and would you believe it, she too is a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer:). How many others of you out there don't admit you are a fan? Is it the fear of being laughed at? Well fear no longer, announce it to the world (well the world might be a bit excessive).

BBC Buffy Site
Official Buffy Site (spoilers)

There are links to the other sites on the BBC page so this is probably a good place to start for UK fans.
If you feel like mocking me in anyway please leave a comment.

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  1. Hey Tunk honey!! Talking of Buffy she is very pretty but i dnt reeally watch her on Tv because i never really get much time. Im sure hollie likes you in some ways.Your a really nice guy so i do not see why she wouldn’t like you, as you see Andy hsa been telling me that you like her, even though i dnt know who she is. Anyway utie, spk soon, luv lisa xxx

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