Arduino + Ethernet Sheild + Linux 64 Bit = Headache

I have been trying for the past few hours to get the simple web server sketch working with an arduino board and my recently acquired ethernet shield. All seemed to be going well the sketches were uploading to the board and I was able to ping the ip address over the network. Why then could I not connect to the device to see the generated output? Much time has been spent looking at different libraries and other peoples sketches looking for alternative ways of doing the same thing. Each time my sketch would stall whilst trying to read the client data. A single line of code which for some reason would stall the program execution.

Searching on this particular problem rather than just generic "Why is the ethernet shield not working?" I came across Issue #267. It seems that on the 64bit build there is a problem with the command. To test this out I reverted to 32bit Windows and used that version of the software to upload the sketch to the chip. Suddenly it all works flawlessly. Needless to say I have had enough of playing around with the thing today and wont be getting creative with my newly working hardware until the frustration has worn off.

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  1. Use the 32bit Windows Arduino application to upload the sketch to the board. The sketch then works.

  2. Hello !

    I tried yesterday to connect to my arduino ethernet shield from the internet for about 3 hours šŸ™

    – webclient example : not connected
    – webserver example : works only in the LAN


    Please if you can give me advices (i think this is a router config pb), i would thank you a lot.

    In fact: arduino + ethernet shield + mac os can also give a headache !

    Best regards,

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