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I was having a look at the site and wondering if I should add something a little dynamic to the front page. Whatever this something might be I was considering setting it after the first post and before the second. Does anybody have any ideas what i could/should add? Something like a changing image or some text from somewhere. Your opinions please.

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  1. Maybe a download section for my scripts and programs. Nothing too fancy, just text links with current version numbers.

  2. Or perhaps something to generate links to the podcasts i listen to. Hmm all these ideas are now comming into my head, shame I need to get to bed now and can’t act upon them.

  3. If i had a greater selection of pictures to randomise it might be an idea, but as I don’t the selection of images would quickly become tired. The weather pixie will stay, however she might move down the column a little.

  4. No, seriously they wouldn’t become tired to us!! PLEASE put some photos up, just five good ones on a loop.

    Ok this would be the creme del la creme, if you took a random picture of yourself every day and just popped it online. That would boost up your website traffic ten fold.


  5. He’s right. If you can’t be bothered to do our “confessions of a calibrator” video blog idea (i.e. random moments captured on film to be commentated on by yourself). Then a photo blog of random events in a Tunstall day is just as appealing (with whimsical observations as tags of course).

  6. I suppose I could recall a few horror tales in the calibration of medical equipment and its associated links to dumb medical professionals. I will have to be careful as I want to avoid legal action from either my own company or those detailed in the aforementioned tales. I will save it for another day and I shall try and obtain a picture to go with it.

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