For some time now I have been playing about with the Python language. Most of the stuff I have created with it has been rubbish or just little experiments into exploring the language.

I have however created something which somebody might someday might find useful. "What is it?", you ask. It's a command line temperature converter. Not so excited about it now are you?

It has taken many hours of debugging and a complete rewrite to get it ready and I shall release it here soon. I've just got to figure out the licencing issues. It's most likely to be released under the GPL but I'm going to read up on a few others first and make my choice.

I hope to have it on the site sometime over the weekend. But knowing me it could take months.

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  1. The weekend is comming to and end and I know pytemp is still not online. It has been a busy weekend. It will be posted up soon.

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