I’m Back

It's been too long since the last post so here is a new one.

I've been quiet for several reasons:

  1. I started a job mid March
  2. I got addicted to GalCiv2
  3. My job results in staying in places without net access
  4. I dont work at a desk (yet...gimme another week)
  5. Playing around with Python took up my spare time
  6. I couldn't be bothered at times

I think thats a good enough list, you get the idea. The site has been updated to wordpress 2.0.3, even though it was released about a month ago and 2.0.4 could be out by the end of the week. If things go to plan over the next few weeks I should find myself actually being at home in the evenings and being able to put a few hours a week into the site.

If you think not updating the site for a while is bad, I will inform you that I have had an email in my inbox for the best part of 3 weeks that I haven't responded to. Again this is largely due to the reasons mentioned above.
Lets see if I can make some regular posts and updates over the next few weeks and get that email answered.

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