New Site Logo

As much as i liked the old image, it was too big. During the site upgrade I noticed my bandwidth usage logs. Since the introduction of the Lightning header the bandwidth usage per month had shotup by over 40%. This was getting on towards 50% of the monthly hosting allowance and I decided something needed to be done. The initial idea was to try and recompress the image to a smaller file size. This was abandoned after it became clear the only way to reduce the file size enough would be by reducing the quality to a point where the image looked awful. The search then began for a new header image.

The final pencil logo is a modified image, I added the pencil line and cleaned off the edges to blend it better. The image itself is less than a tenth of the size of the old header and should as a result solve the bandwidth issue. I will keep the lightning theme around but the new pencil scheme is the one now allocated for active development. The lightning scheme was starting to look a bit gloomy anyway so a lighter fresher scheme will be on the way.

I intend to restructure the main page, I think it's a bit messy and undefined at the moment. More sections and dividing lines are whats called for. Lets see what happens.

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