Driving Test #4 – Failed

Thats another driving test failed. The even better news is my theory test expires on the 16th and I can't get another test.

I'm going to save doing another theory test until after my exams. Hopefully it wont take me 3 times to pass it like the first time. Bloody DSA.

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  1. I disagree with you Bern Roberts. They have a pass mark for that one week, if you are doing your test and they will pick the slightest thing just to fail you. This HAS been proved. Also there are alot of idiots out there that dont give a flying shit. They will see the examiner is in the car with you but they will still pull out infront of you, still be too close behind you and will be impatient. You could say that you should cope with that but that comes down to experience. I failed because of an inconsiderate bus driver parked ILLEGALLY! My instructor said that it wasnt my fault, that bus driver is the one that shouldnt have a licence. I had 4 minor faults and just from the end a stupid idiot of a fat bus driver that decided to park there on my test. WANK!
    Iv got a re-sit on Monday and if the traffic is ok then I think I should be ok but it doesnt all depend on your driving. You can fail for alot of silly things and things that arent your fault at all.

  2. I have my test tomorrow, and if i fail it wont be my fault, it’ll be the weather as there is thick snow everywhere! I’m assuming it will be canceled though.

  3. Aaah, 3rd driving test tomorrow :/
    I haven’t driven in about a month.. should be interesting.

  4. Failed my 2nd test today 🙁

    I think its ridiculous how the DSA works. I was driving down a country road 10 minutes from the end of my test and its national speed limit. Now I am obviously not experienced enough to go 60mph on a dangerous country road (so many accidents) so I went 50mph and it was dusk and a curvy road so I thought 50mph was ok.
    I got 2 minours and 3 minours on the speed which leads to one majour. I was so pissed off at the examiner so I yelled in his face because I was being more safe and took the environment into account (time of day, road layout and experience) Its just a joke now.
    I need my driver’s licence as I am half way through my selection process for the Royal Marines and I have to focus on my fitness, my school work (4 months left) and now my driving. I will hopefully start Recruit Training in May/June and that is 32 weeks long so I must pass before then! DSA ARE TWATS!!

  5. My 3rd driving test was cancelled because of icy roads (which weren’t even icy.)
    I had a lesson before and the roads were perfectly fine, but when i got to the test centre they told me that they were still out checking the routes.
    I was so pissed off. I was so ready to pass!
    I have a test in about 3 hours. Aaaah!

  6. i’ve bloody failed again! i didn’t do my obs proprly on my turn in the road, which is completely out of character for me! thats it, i’m not doing it again

  7. Got my 3rd test next friday. (23rd January) and I really really hope I pass this time.

  8. hello evrybody. av just failed my driving test 2day for the 3rd time. y? well a was goin down a country lane 60 mph national speed limit a was onli doin 35-40 anyway, a gets bak 2 the test centre examier says am sorry but u avnt passed this time y? u went 2 fast on the country lane. watt!!! a was onli doin 40 at the most, but u shud b aware of uver fings around ya like cars but it was wet n muddy 2day u shuda gon slower ow f*****g slow do u want me go??? my instructor says AFTER my test u shud b aware of fings around u but u didnt tel me that wen i ada lesson 2days b4 wif you a was doin 50 mp n u sed that was fine wa am i spose 2 expect. but! i also failed on a junction ata stop sign a slowed down but didnt stop! my examiner was gay anyway e was probs sh***n it 4 it been a lil wet n muddy haha lol, am goin book my nest test 2day if i fail that am goin leave it abit a cant keep affording onet ere n there time after time in a short space but y? dont giv up peeps the more u giv up the harder it wil be n u wont save money thatway u wil just av 2 av more practise that means more lessons n that also menan more money an then ya test. so good luck 2 al ya 4 ya next time or times round not evry1 passes al the time al depends on the day wel a most fink soo if u can drive ya cn drive theres no neeed 4 ya not 2 pass but who am i 2 say i failed me 3rd time am more worried wa me mum is goin say lol well shout!!

  9. i had my practical 2 days ago and i PASSED!!!!! First tym and get this 0 MINORS. i seriosly dont kno how i did it bcuz i knew i had made sum mistakes sumwer but the instructa was a top geeza. mayb he was too busy chattin to me rather than concentratin on the roads, i though id talk about sumfin mature as he was 50 odd so we got on about the credit crunch and mortgages!!it relly dus depend sumtimes on who u get, plus the test route i got was pretty easy and if u get an aftanoon slot on a weekday as this will significantly increase ur chances of passing. rememba its ok to feel edgy before the test as i believe if you are to relaxed you will think u kno it all which is the wrong totally the wrong attitude!! they shud giv me cheapa insurance bcuz of that bcuz the prices i am getin are ridiculousss!!!

  10. I passed 3rd time today!!!!

    It feels so f**king good! ! ! ! ! !

    Keep at it people coz the end feeling is amazing!

    Im out for a drive now.

  11. hey…B? hopefully if you are still looking at this forum etc….what time did u book your test?….miss m

  12. hey…hey i bukd it at 1.35 but anytime during the afternoon shud b ok. my suggestion is go to wales and take ur test bcuz its a ghostown anyway

  13. OK so I just failed my 2nd test and I feel like a massive twat because I can’t practice outside of lessons since my parents all have automatics. I am costing my parents a load of money having loads of lessons but now I am at the standard where I can drive OK and should pass.

    I think the system is poo and the tests should be longer and more lenient, showing up the people who can’t drive and not depriving those who can of a license due to one or two unhelpful situations.

    Tor I can obviously empathise with you but I guess we should just not put ourselves under too much pressure. The first time I spent about £100 getting to where I usually have lessons (im at boarding school this was in the holidays and all my lessons are during term time) and spent more on lessons that day, just to fail (going round a deserted roundabout too quickly)! This time I have a Uni interview tomorrow…

    I agree with Hannah and just try not to worry about passing and just think about your driving.

    Good luck (sorry I know it doesn’t help one bit) xx

  14. Just Failed my second test today, completely gutted…..mainly because my examiner tried to confuse me from the word hello …. “can you read the number plate of the car in front of you” Which car ? there are about 5 in front of me :@ anyway failed on minors ….. she just didnt want to pass me … moody bitch

  15. failed my test 4 times.. got depressed after th 4th time..now ive my test tomorrow..hope i pass as ive spent thousands on it!!!
    and i know every1 passes eventually,, but its just that ur confidence gets knocked back and u feel like shit.lol
    well good luck to every1 fingers crossed i get on fine 2moro!!!:):) xO

  16. Have my third test tommorrow.Must admit that I feel quite jaded towards the whole experience.First time I only had 6 lessons and should never have been entered in for the test.I gave it a break but I really need to drive for work so gave it another go before christmas.My driving instructor was ill 5 lessons before meaning I had to change car and instructor .Despite this I drove the best I have ever done to be told I had failed because I drove too close to a parked car!It then takes seven weeks before you can rebook meaning more money down the drain.Cant help but think if they want to fail you they can.I was told if you drove safe you would pass but I feel that most people fail for petty mistakes .That mean more lessons for your instuctor and more tests for your local centre!Must admit feel the whole setup is a complete swizz!

  17. hi reg did you pass on the 5th test i wet for it on the 16th feb this my second time and failed feel like giveing up but i wont my

  18. i have my test 2mo at wastead and i jus wantead to know if anyone has any warnings or anything about that test centre i am really nervous and i dont feel like i’m ready now but my instructor said i am if i concentrate so i guess i’ll see the results 2mo

  19. Hi everyone. I PASSED FIRST TIME- WITH 3 MINORS!!!!!! wahey……if anyone wants to ask me anything feel free to leave a note…but i will say 3 things….practice, practice, practice…If u do not feel ready , do not do it…..if u are overly nervous – that means you are not confident…and we all know what that means!- your not ready!! (yes its a vicious circle). i did my test on feb 24th- pancake day -(no- my examiner was not a ‘tossser’ (lol) @ 10.14 am. 🙂

  20. I’m gutted, cause I failed my 2nd test yesterday!
    Had my 1st test on 10th Feb. Failed with 2 majors because of speed (which was actually under the speed limit). But the examiner said I have to drive MUCH slower when approaching oncoming vehicles with parked cars all over the place. Fait enough.
    Yesterday I failed with 6 minors and 1 major when doing left reverse round the corner. Did it very good but examiner said I didn’t observe enough! Idiot! It was on estate anyway with a few cars around only!!! So annoying!!!
    Booked for my 3rd test in the mid of April. It was actually very tempting to book in 2 weeks time, as I did with my 2nd test, cause a lot of people cancel their tests and you can get their slot. But I just thought I would give it a break for a month and start with a few more driving lessons on 1st of April.
    The most irritating thing is tht I’ve already spent about £1,500 on driving lessons, as I’m sure many others did. But it just feels so bloody awful when you know you can drive and your examiner fails you.
    Basicaly you can pass if you feel you can drive and your instructor said so. But also it depends on your examiner and whether luck was on your side that day!
    See what happens in a month and a half ;-)))!

  21. Hey guys.
    Have failed two tests so far, first opne 1 major, 4 minors. I emerged from a junction when it was perfectly safe, however some stupid blue car came speedin down the right hand lane (was a two way street) causing the examiner to use dual controls!
    The second test had 2 Majors. The first one was when a cyclist was cycling on my left, examiner said to turn left so i waited for the cyclist to pass then turn. Apparently I shud have slowed down as i was putting the cyclist ‘under pressure. Other major was forgettin a blindspot after realises i had to quickly change lanes as was instructed to turn right at a one way street junction after being in the left.
    the worst thing is I did all manouvers with no majors so why I should have to do them again i don’t know.
    Personally i feel they should have our minors and majors on record and the next test focus solely on what you couldn’t do last time, rather than do everythign again. You guys agree?

  22. i totally agree matthew, i had my test yesterday and failed! i had 6 minors and 2 serious tho they were petty things in my view, the first one was when i was coming up to a slip road on a dual carriageway ( my driving instructor had never taken me there b4 ) i looked right and saw that i had plenty of time b4 the next car was coming so i built up speed on the slip road and moved over onto the dual carriage way, apparently that was wrong and i should have stopped b4 the slip road waited for no cars n then carried on. the second serious was on a roundabout i was in the left hand lane and when i came off the roundabout i moved into the middle lane then she told me that we were going the next left so i had to move back into the left lane which there was no problem with but apprently that was wrong too! she should have told me we was taking the 1st exit in enough time for me to know to stay in the left lane! bloody bitch! i was soo worried about doing a left hand reverse and parallel park and thats what she asked me to do and i aced it! i got my next test on the 26th of march now and i bet i fucking fail on the parallel park and left hand reverse!!!! i swear they get bonuses for failing u!

  23. I’ve failed my test more than 5 times now and like most of those answering on the forum have no faith in the DSA any more. I worry that I won’t get to pass my test before the wretched theory test comes around again.

    DSA is about making money and not about licencing you to drive. Lets face it if you don’t live in London how on earth are you supposed to live in this country if you can’t drive.

    The average pass rate is around 42% but , I’ve learnt, changes alot [far too much] depending on where you have to take the test. I reckon that if you not white or not driving an instructors car your chances will be even lower.

    The pattern is for the instructors to upgrade a minor fault to a serious one and fail you. Because they are judge, jury and executioner there is no arguing with them. I’m worried that complaining will stand against me and just reduce my chances of passing. Each of the examiners have their own foibles. You certainly don’t believe that they take any joy from your passing.

    I think the DSA has begun to think that it is more important than it really is ‘as the custodian of road safety’. This is rubbish of course. Actually if it was easier to get licences more drivers would be licensed on the road and have insurance. However it started out DSA is rotten through and through now and all about making money.

    Why is the pass rate only 42% after all the coaching that people are taking? What would the papers say if only 42% of trained applicants passed their exams? Yes – they would say that there is something really wrong with the system! Are all those expenisve ADI instructors really that poor?

    When you pass your test complain to everyone you can think of about the inbuilt unfairness of this system. DSA plan to make it even more unfair and expensive in the name of road safety. Call them to account. Don’t let them get away with it any more.

  24. Just spent hours reading all those posts!!

    I started seriously learning how to drive on an intensive course about 2 months ago.(after 2 flase starts when I was 17 and 21). I’ve done 3 tests in the last month and my boyfrind has done 2 (5 altogether). Needless to say neither of us has passed yet!

    I would have to say I have a more than sneaking suspicion the tests are rigged! The five tests we have done in the last month all came out with 2 serious faults- very convenient; because one of them was always for something that you would swear on your life didn’t happen! I get kept getting minors for observation before signalling! 11 across the 3 tests resulting in a serious for one test. My instructor doesn’t understand this- he has been watching my mirror-signal routine since the first test and doesn’t understand how I keep getting so many minors. My boyfriend and I both did the test on Saturday and had the same guy who was a joke. He told me to take second left at roundabout, follw the sign for “name of town”, I safely got into middle lane as left lane was for first left, when I got safely on the roundabout I was moseying round, and signalled off to the 2nd left, I then looked at the road sign- it wasn’t for the place that he told me to go to- I was already going off safely- I sorta said “this one??” and he said yes. When we got back to the test centre- he told me that after all this happened that I apparently turned the steering wheel wildly to the right (without looking) and drove into the right hand lane- going round the rouundabout- how is that even possible?! If it was so bad and dramatic- Why did he not give me a dangerous for this maneuver? Of course he had to mark me really harshly on my reverse round a corner giving me another serions so I couldn’t argue my case. Later found out he was some guy from a test centre 30 miles away doing overtime- no wonder he didn’t know the road signs and then punished me for it!

    They just make stuff up- I was driving down a hill- straight road in a 30 and my speed was 32! as I spotted it he made a mark on his clipboard and I thought oh no- but I don’t know what he was writing at the time-but I didn’t get anything for speed. Drove along for ages in the right hand lane when I should have been in left- didn’t get anything for that! I don’t mind failing for things I actually did but why do they insist on making stuff up!

    As for the mirrors thing I am seriously contemplating doing audio description of where my eyes are directed, “Looking in rear mirror now, Looking in left mirror, signalling left etc!!!!!!”

  25. Just failed my fourth test today, called my instructor over to hear why and the examiner couldn’t even explain why or where she had provided me with a serious fault. I did two tests when I was twenty and can hand on heart say I wasn’t ready to drive then and am a much better driver now. My driving instructor drove me back from the centre in shock, said he had never met such a rude and unfriendly examiner – a real people person – not! Don’t mind failing if I know why, and the examiner can explain how to improve but when they can’t do that you have to question the system!

  26. failed my first driving test today..

    stalled and apparently “caused an obstruction” i don’t agree that should be a major fault especially when you only have 3 minors.. not a nice feeling failing.

    i think it should be your driving instructor deciding if you should be allowed to drive indapendantly.. 40minutes is an unfair judgement.. worst driver in the world could have a lucky 40 minutes and pass! its so unfair.

  27. I’ve now failed my test 4 times at the Barking test centre. My last one was with the chief examiner. It was all going really until my parallel park where I was too close to the curb and didn’t do enough to correct it. AARGH! When I’m with my instructor I can drive perfectly well, I just fall apart under test conditions.

    I’ve now got to wait another 10 working days until I can take another test. I hate the DSA.

  28. Passed my 3rd practical test with 5 minors!
    1st test – 1 serious, 1 minor
    2nd test – 2 serious, no minors!

    You just have to remember not to take priority from anyone! that’s where i was going wrong, so i stopped pulling out and waited instead, it got me extra minors put i passed! although after all this stress i do think i’m put off driving for life and am dreading driving my car, which is much bigger than my instructors.

    good luck everyone, you’ll get there eventually, even if it doesn’t feel like it! xx

  29. Hi everyone.

    I passed my driving test today in what must have been my 10th time.

    I failed so many times with 1 serious and only a few minors, which was all down to nerves.

    It does feel like the end of the world when u fail, but you WILL get there eventually.

    Its the most amazing feeling when u pass.

    So good luck to eveyone, it will happen.

  30. Wow, excuse the swearing but its the only ancronym i could think of to express my pure anger and hatred, it is a money spinning orginisation, every few months they put the prices up and know that us *the Learners that want to drive will pay every time. They hope that we fail, money in the bank, forgot your counterpart license for you theory? thats £31 in their back pockets, no refund……, ok so what solutions do you have, can i set my theory for another date using the money i have already paid?…….ehhhh no we will take that off you, you will have to pay again (theft). notice how the theory itself is getting alot harder, sure common knowledge but the number of questions keeps bumping up and then of course you have the practical, for all those who know you can drive and keep getting failed because of other peoples mistakes on the road, they dont care if you were doing it out of safety, protest all you want but pricks have rubber ears and wont hear you. It makes me Physically sick that we are all getting bent over the dsa’s boardroom table and being shafted out of our hard earned cash for something we are more than capable of doing. I dont think it should be up to another human being who may fail you because HE has had a bad day, the testing itself should be updated, not the price. (*note to DSA – Take your fingers out your money jars and start testing us properly, you have more than enough of our money to do it.)

    I am driving now, passed 2nd time when i should have passed the first – i even felt i had done worse 2nd time round which i was surprised about.

    I failed first time for not giving way on an empty roundabout, i slowed down but continued on as no traffic was to be seen, that plus 3 minors saw me fail which i think is mental.

    Best thing to do is be a brown nosed two faced human being for 40 minutes. Suck up to him/her, hope they like you and then just drive carefully and slowly and then you can stick your fingers up at them all when you pass your test.


  31. ok…. really now failed second time and dis time i actually thought i passed. the examiner was quite friendly although i tink he was a bit too friendly.. ok so he tells me to turn right.. mean while he knows i have to overtake a bus.. so i over take den he is like right right… stop gear 1 cuz it was a busy road.. rain falls down ave to adjust windscreens den approach junction stalled but got it working again den cars rolls back..chaos… but he sed dats fine keep driving.. now he tells me it was not the fact that i stalled but the fact the car rolled back a little which is understandable.. but what i do not get is he knew i had to overtake the bus
    .. does not tell me to turn right till i ave passed my reference point …then he
    tells me when i am adjusting by windscreen.. now plz as a examiner are dey not suppose to give u good notice in time not while you are doing something???

    well 6 minors improved from my 9 minors b4.. driver instructor says am a good driver.. just need to prove it to them but yh i agreee how can you judge sum1’s driving in 4o mins.. gosh man give us some credit and not to forget the huge pressure we ave .. really gutted doe cuz everything went wel.. oh welz test number 3 coming right up.. wish me luck and GOOD LUCK 2 every1 we will get there in end and do not give up.. you know normal drivers am sure not every single one of dem passed on der 1st time… and one last thing DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHER PPL .. DO WAT YOU HAVE TO DO !!!!

  32. Failed my third test today, 3 Minors, was driving at the side of bus lane, bus lane ended so I went into left lane, I never indicated, I checked my mirrors, but I get a serious fault, annoying me really bad, I always get 3 Minors, when will I pass? I always think I have passed, but then the examiner says, I am sorry but you have failed 🙁

  33. i failed my test 2day im ssooooooooo pisedd feel like cryin been waitin 4 this 4 aggezzzzzzzzzz!!!! cuz of sum cow on t junction!!!! arrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh maaaannn n now i book,ed it n i hav 2 wait another 2 mointhhhss!!!!!!!!!!!! in hendon!! dnt kwn wah 2 do man iv spent so much money on my lessons and i cant afford ne mre!! aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh takes da pisss

  34. This was my third test and I was sooo happy that I finally passed. All of my tests have been frustrating: in the first one i failed because i was slightly over the speed limit for a few seconds, in the second one a van flashed its lights at me and i hesitated (thinking that if i moved and the van moved even slightly i would fail) so the examiner said i should go and so i failed, this one it was pouring with rain, the roads were flooded and there was loads of traffic but despite everything i passed and was over the moon. The worst thing i think is when you get a chatty examiner. My advice would be ‘detach and focus’. The relief once you have passed is immense! GOOD LUCK

  35. Just failed my 2nd test today!!

    Manoeuvres were spot on perfect, no trouble there at all.

    The reason I failed?? Because I turned into an uphil junction in the wrong gear, the car stalled, and because a car coming up behind me had to stop while I restarted the car, she failed me.

    Yes, I was in the wrong gear, I was in 3rd, the car jumped a little, so I went to press the clutch down but wasnt quite quick enough and the car stalled.

    It was raining so the road was wet. Not an excuse for stalling but an explanation as to the weather conditions.

    Surely for failing me because of a car behind me having to stop, the DSA should now fail everyone if the stall with traffic behind them.

    The guy behind me stopped about 2 foot behind me. Now, my instructor has always told me not to worry if I stall, just don’t panic, handbrake, neutral and restart the car, making sure to move off safely, which I did. But she still failed me.

    My arguement is this, if the guy had hit me then any insurance company would have deemed him as liable. I didnt roll back, and I was only travelling at about 15 mph at the time of the stall. If there hadnt been anyone behind me I would of passed, but because a following vehicle had to brake, I failed.

    Not sure when I will be able to afford to retake the test, gonna have to wait and see, especially seeing as hubby has no holiday left this year and I have 3 kids.

  36. i went 4 my driving test today and it was going really well i was so confident that i had passed when i got back to the test centre i was told i had failed and i asked what for and the examiner told me it was because i stalled the car..i always thought u could only pick up a minor for stalling the car and a serious if u done it more than 3 times i was in 1st gear about 2 take off didnt get my bite and it stalled i stayed calm done the handbrake went out of gear done all my checks and went on with no problems how can they seriously fail me because of that and during the whole test i had only picked up 6 minors

  37. I’m taking my practical test in Croydon/South Norwood centre in a couple of weeks on a second attempt. Can anyone on this forum please recommend a good driving instructor for me, s/he must be someone who has been or still an examiner with DSA and can expose me to the real demands of passing the test because I don’t want to fail again. My former instructor sucked the confidence out of me and doesn’t seem to know the test rules as he kept giving me mixed signals on the dos and don’ts and spending over 40mins of each instruction time chatting away on the phone or just talking about what was irrelevant to the lesson. So much rip-off out there. Please mail details to me at seanbriggit@yahoo.com.

  38. Hi there, I failed my driving test today, 2nd attempted. 1st time i failed i got an observation fault on a roundabout right at the very end because a car came from no where and pulled out in front of me and i had to brake. Only got 1 minor on that test. Today i got 5 minors and 2 serious faults. One serious for clipping kerb when doing my parallel park and second because i didnt stop far enough back at some temporary traffic lights!!! I stopped just passed the red sign. Honestly just feel like giving up.

  39. failed my driving test twice 1st time i hit the pavement during a reverse behind parked car and second time i pulled out in front of a oncoming vehicle. going to be sitting my third test in august but feel like i am never going to pass.

  40. Think there’s no quota’s well think again,and take it from someone that’s been doing the driving instructor’s course.
    And want to talk about getting fleeced for money try doing this shit,watch as your very experienced tutor takes you through the ADI part 3 waffle but fails to get you to practice the parallel park routine on the car they actually use for the part 3 tests which sits at an angle facing the wrong way.
    How do i know that well because i got the same PST (pre set test) twice in a row no.6 ped crossings followed by parallel park on a phase 2,same car parked squint facing the wrong direction what a f***ing coincedence to top it off on my next lesson again went by it there’s some poor bar steward from BSM getting it when I mentioned this to her the silence spoke volumes.
    Not interested in your companies franchise NOT TOLD EVERYTHING mmmmmnice one.
    Anyhoo what I was told was that yes there are quota’s every Driving Centre has a pass rate whether that’s going to be 29% or 40% they will go by the pass rate for their own centre so if you unfortunately have a very low pass rate at yours good bloody luck.
    I also read recently (on an ADI forum) some instructors discussing that they feel if a pupil does the test in their own car that they get a slightly different i.e easier route than a driving school car primarily because of the lack of dual controls,whether that’s true or not I don’t know but they seem convinced.
    So try booking in the first half of the month certainly the earlier part of the week Mon to Wed then you may scrape through just because they have to keep their passes down.
    And if your having trouble with your instructor i.e can’t teach you left reverse or P.Park never take you anywhere alway’s yapping well change em there’s thousands of driving instructor’s .
    Anyone that has you doing a p.park or a left reverse whatever more than about 4 times in a row ditch em,theres an instructor near me that I personally saw one day doing the left reverse round a corner going uphill into a small road of a busy housing estate with a big yellow grit bin on the corner and a six foot wall 18 times I kid you not I was raging just watching it,you are learners I would never let someone do a L.Reverse round there all that does is give you a sore head and neck and affect your confidence.
    But then that would be your fault more lessons ahem ahem.
    All test routes are on the dsa government sites for your test centre you can look them up,and remember most importantly Blind spots,progress i.e 30 do 30,get reference points for your manouveres (instructor doesn’t do ref points ditch em) they want a good drive be confident and above all else MIRRORS.
    Good luck guys and you’ll need it for they’re changing the test again in 2010.

  41. Failed my 2nd test today – absolutely guuted and felt like the worst driver in the whole world. However after looking at some of these posts just highlighted that it is a tough test and as well as a good and careful driver you do need to have some luck on your side also.

  42. It’s important to get rid of all your test nerves, be prepared, once you get in the car, dont feel rushed, make sure you get everything set up how you need it to be before starting the car.

  43. In Australia we sit a theory exam, we hold this L Plate licence for 12 months before we can do an actual driving test. Takes ages to get your licence here.

  44. I just failed my 4th time, a few hours ago. Wasnt even really my fault.
    My examiners exact words “That was an amazing drive, I am actually really impressed… But im going to fail you” FFS.

    I had 0 Minors. Did everything perfect. He failed me over some jackass going over the speed limit… literally.
    He told me to do an emergency stop, and I did it fine. He then asked me to pull away, I checked my rear mirror and saw a guy miles away. So I put the car into first gear and rev’d it up so I could go after him. As he approached I started to accelerate slowly (I wasnt even doing over 5m/h) but still waiting to see what he was going to do, and the guy behind me (doing 70 on a 30 road) zooms past me overtaking.

    The examiner failed me because he said I shouldnt have moved the car because It could of caused an accident. The guy overtaking me wasnt even in my lane, so no hazard would of happened at all.

    Bunch of leeches, thats what they are. Next time they will fail me because Im tall, or something stupid like that. Gutted.

  45. Failed my 1st test today.

    2 minors, 1 major.

    My major was for apparently being “too close to the middle of the road” on a country lane.

    Absolutely gutted, I feel like these ‘tests’ are fixed.

  46. Arg, so pissed. I failed my first test today with only 5 minors but 2 majors! My majors were for; Coming to a set of traffic lights that were on a slight hill and they changed to red so i slowed down and checked behind me, changed from 3rd to 2nd gear and then out of nowhere the lights changed back to green so i sped up a little but the car was struggling to reach 20 mph in a 30 mph zone because of the hill so i changed to 2nd and then to 1st to give me more power but my examiner said the lady behind had to break suddenly! This is not true as i checked behind as i slowed and she was so old she should not even be driving! And the over one was for driving too fast down a long road that has newley laid gravel. I have seriously lost respect for the dsa. The price is completely wrong for a start and to fail us on pathetic things, there are idiots out there who just pull out in front of you and who go 60 mph on a 30 mph zone! As for the gravel road thing, there was no body coming towards me, about 4 cars right up my arse and another one going about 50mph! Arg angry isnt the word! Another one booked for may 27th but im looking for a cancellation! Ahwell, 2nd time lucky <3

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