Driving Test #4 – Failed

Thats another driving test failed. The even better news is my theory test expires on the 16th and I can't get another test.

I'm going to save doing another theory test until after my exams. Hopefully it wont take me 3 times to pass it like the first time. Bloody DSA.

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  1. Just failed my 5th, 1 serious for positioning, chose wrong lane on approach to roundabout, and to be fair thats the first time I had driven on it in my life, he took me on 4 roundabouts and 4 mini roundabouts, no doubt they are getting ready to make the tasts harder.

    My test was in west bridgeford, I ended up near Nottingham city hospital, will have to practise more round there, but to be honest, can’t even be bothered with driving now. I v’e been driving as a learner for the past 10 years, only last year I decided to take my theory and practical tests – I v’e never had the money before. Any tips please let me know cos for some reason, I just can’t pass!

  2. i failed for the fifth time today , in the passed three days i have handed over £120 to my instructer plus the fee,ddgdshjrujjchujkwefruewhfcjkeqwjkejfncqjehuireytf uiyjhf rhefjkrhegfyhjrgfrfhfedsndbfmnfbcnxbcvhjhasreklhfklh.
    yes thats how peed off i am ,i had to bloody take some pills b4 i set off thats how nervous i was.
    yeah it was cuz i was crap,………but the examiner was so bloody moody and stiff made me feel more uncomfortable plus it was pouring down with rain………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………tossers all of em xxxxxxx

  3. I thought my theory test was tomorrow afternoon but it was scheduled for today. I missed the exam and there is no way of taking the test without paying another £30 🙁

    It’s my fault, I just think there about all the free spare test places that aren’t taken on a day to day basis… – why can’t they reschedule those that have paid but forget/are ill or another reason?


  4. I just failed fourth time..for one major mistake. I am so pissed. I have to do 2 hours of behind the wheel again 🙁

  5. Well Guys, I took my First Ever Practical Test And Failed with 14 Minors and 3 Serious Faults,

    Here is what i got wrong

    Reverse Round a corner – Didn’t do my Observations. (1 Fault[s])

    Reverse Parking – I was told i didn’t control the car properly and was also told i didn’t do my observations. (2 Fault[s])

    Steering Control (2 Fault[s])

    Moving of Safely (1 Fault[s])

    Looking into mirror’s when change of speed. (2 Fault[s])

    Signals necessary needed (2 Fault[s])

    I was going 32mph on a 30mph Road and should of gone no faster than 30mph (3 Fault[s])

    Lane Discipline (1 Fault[s])

    Now this is the main reason Why i failed, On a dual carriage way i was on the overtake lane but should of been on the Left lane *This was a Serious, meaning i failed because of this*

    Im only 18 and To be honest, not to bothered about failing first time, most people i know pass on there 2nd try, i booked my test but wont say when 😛 And hopefully ill pass 🙂

  6. Hey Guys, i took my test on thursday 12th and failed on gears, i tried to change into 3rd but accidently changed into 1st. Iv managed to get a cancellation not realising it is 9 working days after my last test not 10 and the nearest test after that is end of july!! What can i do? Is it always always 10 working days?



  8. Hey, I failed my 2nd attempt today, I got 3 minor for driving at less speed and 3 minor for undue hesitation(over cautious!!) both resulting in 2 majors. The examiner told me that I would kill someone if I drove at 15mph on 30mph road!!. I agree I was bit more cautious especially when I was driving during rush hours of monday morning meeting so many cars in narrow roads of residential areas. I am sure I did not brake harshly or braking too frequently to cause problem for the traffic behind and did not cause any tailing of traffic behind. This sounds rediculous when they say speed kills and cutting national speed limits by 10mph would cut 500 deaths annually. my instructor says hesitation was not a problem when I drive with him especially at higher speed limits away from residential areas. I am totally confused. I failed my 1st attempt with 1 major for observation but did not get even 1 minor for speeding or hesitation at that time. may be I shouldnt have had that redbull before the test which made me over cautious?!!.
    Getting ready for new set of skills for 3rd attempt but not before 2 months!!(waiting time).

  9. hi i passed my 4th test 2years ago and i just wanted to say dont give up hope, i know the horrible feeling when every1 else around you is passing and you just cant seem to do it, i would hate to go through my tests again! one tip i would give is that if you get very nervous before/during tests as i did you could go to ur drs and they should prescribe you some pills to take beforehand to help calm your nerves. i didnt think it would work but it did, i cant describe the feeling i just felt so relaxed and like it didnt really matter.

    On my 3rd test (without pills) i got 4 (yes 4!) majors and several minors! i then went to the doctors (my instructor recomended that i did this as she said i was a good driver and the reason i kept failing with so many majors was mainly down to nerves) and did my 4th test 2 weeks later and passed with 5minors! i just couldnt believe it, i really believe this is what got me through my test, anyway that is the only advice i can think of to offer apart from the obvious things like practice!






    Its painfull and heart breaking this is easily the worse year of my life hopefully i pass my test before the end of this year.my theory runs out in December so i still have 4 months and a bit left to pass it.

  11. Apparently the theory test is gets harder in a few months. It’s really annoying when you have to take it for a second time! The practical seems to be getting harder every day too.

  12. 🙁 i have got my second test tommorow morning at 8:10AM (i am not a morning person) I expect the roads will be packed as it is the rush hour. I really dont wanna fail but i know i will. I am a good driver (or so my instructor has told me) but get really nervous. its 1:00AM now and i cant go to sleep as i am soo nervous 🙁 looks like i will be up all night.

  13. Guess what !! I FAILED !!!!! 🙁 I got 5 minors all together. But because 4 minors were for “DRIVING TOO SLOW!!” I failed 🙁 It was raining very hard and roads were very slippy of couse im going to go slow 🙁 I hate that examiner !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. It really is a relief to read im not the only one who keeps failing driving tests…ive literally just done my 7th driving test today and failed!! i cant believe it cos i really thought i’d passed, i only got 4 minors and majors for road positioning which was so unfair and i really didnt think it would be a major!
    I’ve been learning to drive now for over 2 years, started before alot of my friends and they’ve all passed now, i’ve spent and borrowed sooo much money for driving i actually cant afford it anymore!
    To make things worse there is this women examinor where i take my tests who is known for being unfair and harsh, i’ve had her 3 times and she really is unpleasant and rude and makes you feel even more nervous! I feel so stupid and embarrassed and cant believe this is happening to me!!! im not a bad driver at all, i don’t get many minors and my driving instructor also cant understand why i keep failing 🙁 just feel like im never going to do it.

  15. Hi everyone , reading these comments to try and comfort myself !

    although its really sad seeing that so many people are trying so hard and failing ! , i have failed twice and they have been very very very harsh decisions why i have failed !! The whole system is silly and needs to be sorted out , surely there has to be some le-way as anything could happen when driving! I really think examiners should examine relistically as if they were driving themselves rather than by a stupid book or whatever they have!!

    Fiona i feel the same like i am never going to pass :@ . . and it really does feel like it is going that way , anyways another test next week im hoping for the best but havent been able to have any lessons since my last test :S . . . but ill kep trying until i pass 🙂 . . . GOOD LUCK EVERYONE ! x

  16. yep. i failed me 2nd test and its doing my head in…it seems like we need some luck 2.dont forget guys and girls.the doors swings both ways….i hate driving now

  17. hi every1 failed 3 tests sit my 4th on 21st aug seem to be failing on stupid things HERE’S HOPIN MY 4THS MY LAST WITH ANY LUCK xx

  18. I’ve just failed my first one. But here it’s essential for me to pass, as this year I need to be able to drive to school. My parents can’t because they’re working, and there’s no bus transportation this year. So I’ve gotta drive… I’ve got one more chance tomorrow to pass before school starts and I’ll have to find someone to pool with…But it’s good to find a nice forum full of other people who can’t seem to pass…I’ve just been through another forum saying “how easy it was to pass”, and it’s getting sickening, though I’m certainly glad to realize that I’m not alone! Yes, well, the only reason I failed was because of a stop sign error. I stopped at the line, but because of the bush in the way on the right, I had to slowly pull up in order to see. Slowly. Stopped again, after I could see. But I failed for not stopping at the line…Ridiculous…

    I’ve seen people on my streets who for some reason don’t know the use of their turn signals at all, yet they’ve passed their test. How can they possibly suppose that the way people drive for their test is the same as they will drive for the rest of their life? So how can they assume that one mistake will be representative of how I will drive? Everyone would make a driving mistake many times in their lives…

  19. Hi guys !! Just wanted to let u all kno i failed my test for the first time on wed. 🙁 i got 12 minors but wait the reason “she” failed me was because i took a corner a lil wide there was no traffic or pedestrians around. i was gutted. done my bay park before i even left the test centre and my 3 point turn about 5 mins into test along with emergency stop. done them all perfectly . i was really annoyed. It really disheartens you when she says them words but im going to try and get a cancelation very soon. my minors were for silly things like speed, gears and observation on my manoeuvers. But she put the serious down for taking that corner a lil wide and the best about it is i cant even remeber doing it! Good luck to everyone thats doing their test xxx

  20. failed 3 tests already !!!! got my 4th test on thurs 21st soooo here’s hopin all goes well this time, let u all no soon hopefully with a smile xx

  21. Haha i failed my fifth test today!! Gonna take some beating guys so let’s see what uve got 😉
    Bloody pratts i had two examiners in my car today what kind of chance do you stand- secondly i drive in a town which has the lowest pass rate of 27.1%! Good job im moving out of Brentwood Essex to Norwich! Im hoping al have abit more luck here as i am just about done with this place now. To every1 that fails their driving test- i know it is the most gut wrenching experience in the whole world- it almost comes close to a death! You work so hard for something for so long to be judged for 40 minutes of your life under false conditions. If you ask me the whole thing is a sham… but then again i would say that because i cant pass the friggin’ thing. I’m sure we will all get there one day.. Imagine the amount of money we have all spent over the years .. Can’t give up now. Just brush ourselves off and try again. We’ll beat you TWATS DSA!!!

  22. I failed my first driving test yesterday. I got 15 minors! and like 6 majors :(. I feel as though no ones done that bad before :(. Im usually fine. But after making one stupid mistake everything else started going wrong. For some reason when it came to doing the paralell park (which i can normally do well) i touched the curb!! Then started to panic. So thought i would pull foward and start again BUT got too close to the car :(. Arggh. So i got like 4 majors for this.. and yes one was for touching the curb :(. Going to book another test soon. Need to pass before january as thats when my theory runs out and no way am i re-taking that. Plus im running out of money 🙁

  23. My driving lessons were going really well and I had a lesson the day before my test, my driving instructor who was normally a great guy started telling me all these driving test horror stories (Bloody last thing you need the day before your test!) which made me really nervous about taking my test and affected my last lesson. I had been doing mock driving lessons all week and doing quite well on them but the mock test on this lesson went bad as I was nervous through all his tales.

    I felt so upset at the end of the lesson as I was sure I would fail the next day. The next day came round and we drove down to the test centre, the driving examiner was really nice which helped calm my nerves. I did the test and when I pulled back into the test centre I awaited the bad news. “Thats the end of the tast Kelly, and I am please to tell you that you have passed”

    I coundnt belive what I heard! I passed my driving test first time round with only two minors! My First minor was for undue hesitation at a junction, I was waiting to turn right into a minor road and there was a car coming in the opposite direction, I felt it was too close and decided to wait till it had passed before turning and I got a minor for it.

    My second minor fault was for the turn in the road! This was a manover that I had never had any issues with and was supprised I had managed to do it slightly wrong. A combination of nervs and a very very narrow road meant I did the manover in five instead of 3 steps.

    That was last year now but I am still very proud! Good luck to anyone taking their test soon!

  24. it is all fixed, they need the money coming in, it works on a rota. some people on the road now are shit, if you pass first time 2nd time it doesnt meananything, if your instructor was to take his test again it is no guarantee he would pass, it depends on the situation. my examiner was a total cunt, bth of them.

  25. Just wondering if anyone had got 6 majors? The examiner gave me 3 for hitting a curb and then a few more for use of speed and applying my signal too late.. I think after my first mistake i panicked alot. but now im worried for my next test incase i do just as bad :(. argh i also got 15 minors!..

  26. i failed today with 2 minors and 1 major, stupid major and not sure if it is worthy of a major but there were parked cars on the left and i thought it was the que for the light ahead which were on red, the annoying thing was thtat there was someone in the driving seat in the car ahead and the person behind me even did the same thing. and at the end he said i was one of the best driver oooooooooooo thanks for telling me that after ive failed nob!!!!

  27. wow reading all your comments is making me really nervous ive got my 1st test on 22nd of oct ive had about 35 hours driving with my instructor and i have my own car, but they fail u 4 the stupidest mistakes half of which arent even your faultt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrr if i dont pass il cry and kill myself!!!!!!! I WILL

  28. i failed my first test on the 23 or 25 of september (cant remember exactly lol!) and i booked my next one for november 11th, but then i had to change it because it is my friends bday, so then i could only get the 27th of november! but then i looked for cancellations today, and its in 2 days!! AHH!! lol!

    my first test was alright. my examiner seemed nice enough. i did a perfect huge hill start and everything! i failed literally 300 meters from teh end. i could see the end gate!!! a cocky driver decided to pull out really fast, and apparently he shoudnt have done it, but i should have reacted differently, so it was a serious fault!!! argh! so i ended up with 6 minors and a serious! :(. i hope i pass this time. i was so upset when i failed!

    the thing is, i know that i can pass. i have been driving everywhere sucessfully with my parents. i dont even have lessons anymore…for ages actually lol! i find it annoying when people do the really fast ‘week pass’ things, where they have a week full of lessons, then pass their tests. they’re not safe! they dont have any road/car experience really, yet people like me and all of you who have had lessons for 6ish months or more are failed for silly things, that wouldnt normally happen! grr lol!

    well i hope i pass this time! i think im going to be more nervous actually, as i now know that it is pretty easy to fail! :O!

  29. Reading all this has cheered me up…. Just failed my first test! I’m male.. 24 yrs old.
    Been doing lessons for a year, the test was mostly perfect, pretty much… 6 minors .. on clutch and approach speed (matter of opinion I may add!)
    I’ve been riding motorbikes for 8 years, have a big bike now (3yrs) of which I ride very safely, I ride everyday!… never had any worries with the bikes. Been a courier too for the blood bank!
    The asshole failed me for driving over too much of a painted roundabout… ..my instructor specifically told me its alright to drive over them to a degree, I literally went over enough to follow a good driving position as oppose to going all the way round, which would of been unsafe under the circumstances. Also he said I’m overall lacking in the observation department, in which he couldn’t pass me!
    I did say, as you know I’ve been riding motorbikes for 8 years.. you’re failing me on observations..!! Are you for real? Bet he was an ex-copper !!
    I also said I’m failing you on observations, because if you were observing that I was observing I would have passed! He stormed off then!
    I told my instructor and he’s a bit pissed off as he’s booked another student in my regular lesson time slot to start from next week.. he was pretty confident to say the least!

    Anyone that says there isn’t a quota is talking rubbish! The DVLA are a bunch of robbing muthas. There should be 2 instrutors present for the test or record it (like the police do)…. but they won’t do that now will they… cos the DVLA will lose a fortune of their ‘robbed’ cash passing people that are fit for the road!!

    Oh well rant over .. : ) Ahhhh! Sorry, I’m just peved at the situation, needed the licence to get a van for my new job, which I won’t be able to get now… or the job! There’s little work where I am and due to the circumstances I may lose my house and everything!! So my lovely people…Good luck with it… and I encourage you to point out if you fail for silly things that the person that tested you is a stiff bastard!! Yes it’s childish but it feels good!!

  30. re: my previous post… I have checked about whats legal regarding painted roundabouts …. You CAN and are allowed to drive over them as long as they are not raised and there are no other drivers on the roundabout. In the old highway code it says you MUST drive around them.. this has been updated as it can be misguiding to other drivers… Please note this incase it happens to you!! I failed due to the fact my ‘tester’ dosen’t actually know his job! DVLA should sort it out!! Good luck anyway everyone, be cool, take is steady.. oh and a tip… approach junctions, nice and steady.. and tuck yourself in for a better view of the road… means you can often stay in second instead of dropping to first ; )

  31. Just joined many of you by failing my first test yesterday. I was really nervous but tried my best to concentrate on the task at hand and to not make any mistakes.
    I was so worried about the manouevres, hills, changing gears, speed that I completely threw away signalling and was doing it too late at the beginning. I did it about four times and the examiner failed me as it was considered dangerous. My report was clean. I had no marks elsewhere. My instructor was more upset than i was as signalling is not something i’m weak at. He was really shocked! It only dawned on me a few hours later… luckily I managed to book another test in just two weeks time. Hope I can do it this time, but reading all these stories, just makes me wonder what else are they going to come with to fail people? sounds like it can really just be anything… you just dont know.

  32. Hey All! Just thought i would update this and let u all know i passed my 4th dirivng test on Wednesday. I just went into it with a “whatever happens, happen” approach and my examiner was very nice he made me feel alot more comfortable than previous tests! I couldnt beleive it when he told me i’d passed i was crying my eyes out! I passed with jsut 5 minor marks. You will get there in the end up keep at it 🙂

  33. Had my third driving test today and sadly I failed! It was the worst feeling ever.. Believe me.. I have been crying all day because of it and have been depressed because I am at the age where I wanna drive and get that independence (I am 21 btw), But seeing this thread has reassured me and made me feel a lil better lol 😉

    I got 8 minors and 2 serious faults dont you jus hate when that happens????? My examiner was a fat bastard and sitting with him severely repulsed me (pukes) so I blame his severely out of shape physiqe for my failure lol. I failed with a roundabout for apparently pulling up to close to a bus and not signalling off it and causing another road user to slow down.

    But I totally agree with the girl that said that you feel like the smallest person in the world when you get driven home by your instructor, its horrible and you have to hold that silly green test report thingy.. the worst bit is when you have to break the news to family and friends! Because even though they assure you, you know that they would have more respect for you if you passed.

    But never mind I am going to re-book and NOT give up! And everyone that has failed do the same.. Because I do believe these fails make you a better driver, least we are privilidged ( see it that way) in getting the pointers in where we go wrong.

  34. Hey all!

    Well, just come across this forum about failing tests. Im so gutted, I failed my
    4th test yesterday.. its really got to me, and im soooo gutted! =[

    I have failed for such stupid things.
    1st test: Failed, got into a wrong lane.
    2nd test: Failed for doing 54 in a 50 zone. Ooops!
    3rd test: Not looking in mirrors enough!
    4th test: Not getting up to speed on a big road, Ive had a bad
    toothache, so that didnt help! My confidence wasnt there.

    aaargh! But reading through this forum has helped me.. sometimes,
    you feel like your the only person in the world feeling like this =[

    Good luck everyone on your next tests!
    Hopefully ill do it on my 5th!!


  35. Failed my 2nd driving test today – really depressed about it. Yet again – clean report but worst of all and the reason for my failure was I hit another car. I haven’t even told any of my friends or family (other than my mum) – how embarassing! I was going on a really narrow road which had cars parked on either side and it was extremely tight. I hit my right side mirror against another one. The examiner told me “it’s ok – dont’ worry” and then in the end he told me that was the reason I failed. Because of his comment I thought he would’ve let me off but no – it wasn’t to be. I’m really not in the mood to sit any more lessons or any more tests but all the money and time invested is going to have to pay off. Booked my 3rd already – hope I can do it next time! Good luck to you all and don’t give up!!

  36. Hi, i have failed 5 tests. I am a confident driver, but made mistakes each time. |I still havent passed. One mistake, you fail. I stopped at a green light (?) cos i thought the filter light was gonna come on for me to turn right (?). I think they expect us to be really experienced drivers before we take our tests (how old am i?). And what makes me even ANGRIER is that there are SO MANY rubbish drivers out there that have passed there test and then go and race around like i dont know what! Oh, and i think the government want to introduce another thing to the driving tests – how to save the environment. Like we’re really gonna think about that when we’re taking our tests!!!

  37. I failed my first driving test today. I failed for not checking my mirrors in time before changing lanes at a roundabout. So annoyed!
    I was sure I had screwed up my reverse around a corner – I thought I was too far out from the kerb. But apparently not. I think I would’ve rather failed for the reverse than not checking the mirrors! Tbh, I think it should’ve only been a minor.
    Before my test I was told that there would be two examiners in the car with me – one examiner to examine me, and the other to examine the examiner. I wasn’t overly nervous, but when I was told this I panicked.
    I’m gonna try and book another test soon, although I don’t feel confident at all. I’m not very good at the manoeveurs and I think it was down to luck that I did them okay. I’ll probably not be as lucky on my next test though!

  38. Failed my third test today! I am not even feeling upset about it – I really just went into it not caring at all and drove really badly. In the end the examiner told me the only reason why I failed was because my observations weren’t that good during my reverse round the corner. I’ve had enough of going into these tests and failing for only one serious/dangerous fault and that’s it… I’m going to give it a bit of a break and try again next year… had enough!!

  39. Hi everyone!

    I’ve failed four times, But I am doing on the road that was recently voted the worst road to drive on in britian!! I’m so fed up with haveing to do them! I’ve taken three theory tests passed every single one but they kept running out. Took a test about a month ago but failed and then my theory run out so took my theory again yesterday and passed. Gonna try my 5th test soon and I am so determined to pass I will do it one day!!! So I know how everyone feels there should definately be a way to change how the test is actually done like an ongoing assesment or something but hey! such is life.

    Got a funny story about an examiner, my last one told me she was really a witch. How about that for calming you when your driving!!!! xx

    p.s tor that crap about having two examiners I would have been scared too, but as for your manoevers if you did them ok in your test the most stressful thing ever thats cos your good at them not because of luck! you’ll get there! 😀

  40. I failed my test yesterday I had to drive with “Hilter” he didn’t like me from the beginning as in the test centre he started shouting at me “Is, this you in this photo” and “Can you do your signature again” and “Do you live at this address” and then he pressed the provisional card on my face and said “turn your head to the left!” So I knew I failed before I got into the car.

    I failed for parallel parking on a down hill bend to the left on a really small road which had cars parked on both sides. I just couldn’t adjust to this condition and Hitler was facing me in the passenger seat and giving me evil looks.

    I know the government doesn’t want young male drivers on the road. They like to blame young men for everything bad about the roads. this is Sexism. I hate it. Plus being black doesn’t help when you get a grumpy old white man who looks like he smokes crack!

    He took me on a route which I have never been on before and trust me. I spent so much money on learning the Wanstead area that I could have predicted the route if he did one from the DSA website. He failed me 4 times and let me carry on??? I only got 5 minors.

    Its down to luck of the draw! Who you are driving with, The roads you drive on and the other road users. I mean some sick people want to mess you up for a laugh.

  41. Omg i failed my 3rd test today 🙁 i had no minors and 2 majors, both completley pathetic. First was for ym bay park apparently One of my back wheel was just slightly on the white line thts wht the examiner said! and second well my examner said”you went at the right time in the right gap off the roundabout but as you pulled off slowly the car coming round had to slow down” umm in all fairness the car comin roun wasnt there when i went off and he was goin well fast… argh soo annoyed as they cudda been minors i dont see how they cudda benn majors!!!!!

  42. Well, I failed my first test yesterday, got 8 minors and 2 majors, 1st cos i went into the other side of the road on my reverse around the corner and second for indicating too early on a roundabout. What’s majorly pissed me off is that my drivings pretty good, I just hate left reverse! To be fair my examiner wasn’t an arsehole, it would’ve been a lot worse if he was, but I was gutted because I’ve been at this for a year now, oh well, just have to book another one! Would still be nice to throw something at the examiner though.

  43. I have my second driving test tomorrow! I think I’ll be more nervous than I was for my first. Everyone keeps telling me that most people pass on their second time, which is just putting me under more pressure to pass!
    I’m soo not confident. I just hope I don’t get asked to reverse into a parking space, because on my lesson before my last test i couldn’t get it right at all.
    3 point turn and parallel park please!
    Wish me luck!

  44. I just failed my second driving test with 2 majors – not slowing down at a pedestrian crossing and being too close to a car. I only had 4 minors. I’m pretty upset about it. And I’m dreading telling everyone that I failed again.
    I feel like I’ll never pass now.

  45. Hey Tor thats poop! but don’t worry I’ve done 4 driving tests!! so need to book my 5th, You get to a point where you don’t care and just keep going. At the end of the day people don’t need to know how many tests you’ve done, once your driving you’ll even forget!!! good luck to you me and everyone! xxx

  46. I have booked my driving test for december the 23rd at 8 am. Its my first ever one. but for some reason, after having a year of lessons , i do not feel 100 % ready…hmm…but family say- oh just have a go because its xmas holidays and the roads should be quiet at that time. hmmmmmmm…….i m gona try and do a mocky test on monday and if it goes o.k- then cool- but if not i am going to wait…….and practice at home. i havnt been practicing at home because brother takes car to uni…..so maybe i should cancel this test…………………..what do u think guys…..or have i kinda answered me own question…lol

  47. I failed first time today with 4 miors and one major. I was pulling out of a junction but couldnt see anything to my lfet because of this fukin bus. I edged out slowly, nothing was coming so I proceeded straight ahead (there is a hill to the left) as I was moving, a speeding car came flying around and the examiner floored the break. This made it more dangerous as i was in the middle of the road. If the car hadent broke in time then BANG right into the side. Anyway, i knew I had failed at this point but there was no way the examiner should have intervened. Another test booked for 5th January 2009!

  48. Hi guys,

    Let me share some information with you. Passing your driving test is all about your attitude. If you have the right attitude you’ll pass first time. Here’s what I mean:

    People see the driving test as a separate thing to everyday driving, but really it isn’t. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve heard people blame the examiner, or blame other drivers for them failing. People just don’t like to think that they are the ones at fault. Well there’s only one person to blame for you failing a driving test. Guess who that is? You.

    The big problem is this: when you fail a driving test, you, as a learner do not have enough skill to judge whether you acted safely ot not. It is quite possible that the examiner, as a far more experienced driver, has taken into account factors that you haven’t even considered.

    The main reason people fail the test is because they are not ready to take it. They just want to pass their test and get driving. What many don’t seem to consider is that if they cannot cope with something (for example a roundabout) on a driving test, what makes them think they will be able to cope after the test. The only difference is that they won’t have anyone in the car to help them when they get stuck.

    Learn to drive properly… then take the test and you’ll pass first time.

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