Driving Test #4 – Failed

Thats another driving test failed. The even better news is my theory test expires on the 16th and I can't get another test.

I'm going to save doing another theory test until after my exams. Hopefully it wont take me 3 times to pass it like the first time. Bloody DSA.

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  1. I failed my driving test today… and i know what you mean when you say bluddy DSA. My examiner was a complete N*B head. He made a cheesy joke which had obviously been used on every test candidate. Struggling to come to terms with it, but lifes a b*tch!

  2. I failed my test today, it was all absolutely perfect except for one stup-id mistake, i went into the wrong lane and got stuck in it when a “white van” undertook me on the left… i was doing 50mph, the max speed limit for the zone. Anyway, the man thought it was worthy of a fail. Im so gutteed cos i honestly thought id passed. Like yourself my theory runs out next week, so iv gotta do that before i can do the practical again. The whole systems rediculouse anyway, how can driving around for 40 mins with some dude uv never met judge how good a driver you are??? surely theeres a better way????

  3. Just falied my driving test (first time) one major, four minors. there was an accident on the left hand lane of the dual carriageway and no one wud let me back in to the right hand lane so when there was gap (bigger than any of the other gaps as the cars were bumper to bumper) i took it but the examiner told me i was too close to the car behind. TOSSER. sorry am well annoyed. and only 4 minors too! argh

  4. Failed My driving test number 2! My Theory pass expires on the 22nd of this month… Had a few minors and the bloke said I went through a traffic light on amber! Well considering the fact that that was the only fault, flexibility comes into play and not an outright failure! Can he honstly say he’s never run through an amber light before? It’s not like I plan to make a habit out of it!
    So thats me back to the drawing board again after hundreds and hundreds of pounds sunk into this driving venture!
    There’s gotta be some flexibility and leniency surely!
    Is there a board or body that looks at the way drivers are assessed by these examiners?
    Do the examiners ever bother to look at the driver’s record and see how much work they’ve put in vis a vis the result of their driving test?
    Theory test certificates should also be extendable for cogent reasons!

  5. The instructors want to keep young male drivers off the road and maintian the pass rate of about 42%. I have to say the amber light is a bit unlucky. Just keep trying and give the DVLA more money.

  6. I would have to say it has taken me 5 times to pass my driving test so my advice to all you lot is to keep going. cause u will do it. its cost heaps but it worth it wen u done it. so keep going!!!!!

  7. Hi, i failed on the 23/12/05 (my 19th birthday too!) because of a damn stupid thing that my examiner (who was in the car with me) said i should not have failed on…
    i was going down a duel carriage way on the approach to a roundabout (only a 30 mph limit btw) and there was a car parked on the left, therefore i had to move out into the righthand lane, i checked my blindspot and there were these 2 vans racing towards me (on the right) so i decided to wait til they went past (there would not have been a safe gap to have pulled out into). OK so far, so i check blindspot again, and move out, however these 2 vans (sods!!) had had to stop suddenly to avoid colliding with the car waiting at the roundabout (they were speeding), which meant that i had to slow down to get in my lane and that there wasnt as much space as i had previously thought.
    you cannot pull over and straddle both lanes (fail) so i manouvered myself so that the car was fully in the righthand lane, however the damn vans still hadnt moved so i was closeish to the securecor van infront.
    i got failed on that.
    I had even done a parellell park UP A HILL PERFECTLY WITH NO MINORS!!
    my instructor said that i should have passed coz i did everything right with the situation that was presented to me or got a minor at most!
    whoever said that there are no quotas is talking a load of balls, its meant to be based on your whole driving rather than one incedent.
    i have booked another test for soon so just gotta cross fingers and hope for the best!!
    sorry for the length, am at work and thouroughly bored lol!

  8. That sounds very unlucky. You should only be failed if you do something dangerous and even then you should have only got a minor or two. I failed once for accumulating 3 minors on one thing making it a serious fault and therefore a fail. Sounds like you got the examiner on a bad day. Do you ever talk to the examiner whilst your driving? I found that if I was explaining my reasons for doing something it helps the examiner in seeing it from your point of view. Don’t leave it till the end to argue your case as its already too late. If you make a mistake admit it, you are unlikely to repeat it again. Its the mistakes you don’t admit that will worry the examiner as they wont believe you know whats right and wrong.

    Sounds like you can parrallel park better than me anyway. Better luck next time. Sooner or later the examiners will get fedup at the sight of you and pass you anyway.

  9. well, at the time i didnt even see it as a mistake, i thought it was fine 🙁 yeh, he was very talkative, an OK bloke (well i thought so at the time), a bit odd and skittish tho, my instructor said that he was rather funny (not haha, just wierd). I was just so irate when i got home, and upset 🙁 i have a car all ready and wanna drive it now!!! i have a test booked for a couple of weeks time (i ve only told my mum and dad but not even my bf) so you are the first outside family to know. i just dont want to disappoint everyone again, i shouldnt have failed last time 🙁 so depressed and nervous…

  10. Don’t worry about failing examinations like this or letting people down. They are easy enough to resit, sure its costs you more time and money but thats all. Education exams are the ones to worry about as they are more difficult to resit and the outcome of those can significantly change your life. Driving is a skill, like riding a bike, some people fall off more whilst learning. If you keep getting back on you will manage it in the end. Just learn from the experience and know that its making you a better driver than the people that passed first time, that are missing out on the extra hints and tips you get. Good luck with the next test.

  11. thanks 🙂 i know, ive done with exams atm (although i’m training to be a certified accountant so a few more years of exams left lol..im so stupid!! :P). I reaaly dont have that much money, i know you are now thinking that im loaded coz of my job but the pay is naff, £8000 per year working 37.5 hours per week, i also have to pay £100 in travel every month and getting a car would cost me less than that and my driving lessons and also give me tonnes more freedom! i’ve wanted to do this for so long and it bites that independance is so near yet so far!
    lol i know you probably think that i’m being a moany person and that i should get a grip and that it happens to most ppl but it would really mean one hell of a lot to me to pass.
    my instructor said that he (the examiner) should be kicked coz i should be driving around in my own car with a full UK driving license by now!!
    Rah at him!!!
    D-Day is on the 16/01
    1 week to go!! Argh! 2nd time lucky…thanks for listening to my rambling, i cant really rant to anyone else lol

  12. Training to be a certified accountant!!! You’re gonna be earning huge sums of money in a few years with a job like that. I never really had the urge to go out places and ‘need’ a car. It’s useful to have one to go to work or the supermarket but apart from that I hardly ever use it. Could be due to me not wanting to waste money on fuel or put extra wear on the car.

    Yeah go and kick the examiner, might release a bit of the tension you are building up. Although do it after the test, he might mark you down if you kick him before you get started.

    Feel free to carry on ranting, it will do you good. Telling somebody else about whats bothering you always makes you feel better.

  13. Well i hope so lol… would be nice 🙂 well i live about 10-15 miles away from where i work so would be v useful, also i’m a very independant person, i like to always be doing something, thats why it sucks when it p*ssing it down with rain outside and i cant go anywhere.
    lol is not a waste, is a good and easy way of lining the goverenments pockets lol!
    My car is 17 years old and drives my lil sis up to the stables every week so i dont think it can wear out much more hehe!
    what car do you drive?
    i’m hoping not to get the same examiner again, i want the lady, apparantly her name is catherine and she is lovely… may help having a female, she may understand me more lol, us girls gotta stick together and all that 😛
    yeh, it really does, thanks 🙂 i cant talk to anyone else lol, no one else knows :S

  14. I’m also quite independant and like keeping myself busy. Rather than taking me out of the house most of the activities are computer based. Thats basically due to friends living far away and being used to entertaining myself.

    Nothing like a forced government tax to irritate the population. I think there should be a tax on Politicaly Correct people, then they might stop trying to change silly things. Check for a new post on the site soon, I feel like making my views known.

    My car is 4 years old, a bit newer than I was planning on but then I was struggling to fit in other small cars in a low insurance group.

    After a while you do get the same examiners, I think I went through them all at my test centre. Never had a woman examiner or instructor so can’t comment on whether they are better or not. Try putting on some chillout music in the car on the test, just in the background. It might result in the examiner being in a better mood duing the test and less critical of any mistakes.

  15. hey all , i have my test on 1st feb , and i really dont no what to expect , does any 1 have n e tips on getting that extra edge on passing the test, that would really help me out alot , thanking u in advance , craig (Y)

  16. Just wandered how many times you took your practical driving test? I am originally from Australia so converted my driving license straight to British. My hubby is from the US and has his driving license for 17 years (also holding an Israeli HGV license and motorcycle with 0 motoring offences in both countries all these years).

    He just failed his 2nd test here. The first time he had one minor fault and one serious fault (slight late cancellation of signalling after a roundabout). The second time he had 0 minor faults but at the end of the test at the ‘reverse in to bay’ he ended the manoeuvre with the front wheel of the Mini touching the white line but within the Bay!! Guess what the tester rewarded him with a failure again!! Is there anything else we don’t know (just badly paid testers?)? Now don’t get me wrong I am not against a system where we produce good drivers but this look like an overkill in both cases, correct me if I’m wrong.

    Is there some quota system, or what is the best time to take the test? Our town’s DSA pride itself on 56% passing rate so we must be doing something wrong. His driving instructor told him people usually make 10 minor faults in average so how do they all get to pass? To begin with, our test system is flawed. I have not heard of another system where failure to park exactly in the middle of a bay can constitute an immediate failure. Most other systems like the US and Israel just deduct points.

    I would personally like to see the statistics of how many people died due to wonky parking. Why parking not completely straight is not a minor fault but a serious one?! I can now see why passing the driving test in the UK is the hardest place of all EU countries (quote from ‘Driving’ on the Times newspaper) it’s not because it is a better system it’s because they can fail you on trivialities even though they know you can drive perfectly good. Ok he booked another one for March. I think you can fly to Slovenia with that kind of money and pass your driving test with ease (Quote from Autocar) and than convert it to a UK one!

    Hate spending money on cars!!

  17. 56% is a good pass rate, in the Nottingham area its 42%, or it should be. I took 5 practical tests to pass, all down to picky examiners. I know about signalling faults, my signal cancelled whilst i was going round an island, I correctly applied the signal when changing lanes and pulling off but because I had not reapplied it whilst still in the same lane I was failed.

    I’ve picked up minors for a reverse parralel park and i rolled over a bit of lowered kerbing (ie the entrance to a driveway) this counted as mounting the pavement, another fail. At the speed I was going I wasnt a danger to anybody, because I didnt feel it mount the kerb I wasn’t aware of having done so.

    Parking whilst touching a white line is a harsh fault, especially to class it as serious. If that was the only fault I would have made a complaint and asked for it to be reclassified as a minor. I’ve had 3 strikes on the same minor classed as a serious but that was nerves making my gear changes a bit iffy, something that has been corrected over time.

    Some tips now for Craig, if you haven’t done a test before don’t worry about it. Get your instructor to give you a lesson under test conditions and tell you how you did at the end. Don’t go expecting to pass, it usually leads to disappointment, treat it as a normal lesson. If you do make any mistakes, don’t panic. You can correct the mistakes, take your own time, dont worry about other drivers on the road having to wait, they had to go through the same experience.

    It’s a driving test, if you fail it’s no big deal. You just have to sit it again. Test time can also make a difference, if you schedule a test at rush hour you might avoid busy roads and complex intersections, the examiner doesn’t want you to be stuck in a queue. Lunchtime tests expect moderate road traffic. 10-11:30am was a good time for me. Roads quite clear and less traffic signals to stop at. Make sure you have a good nights sleep before the test, and ensure you aren’t going to be hungry. You want to focus on the road not your stomach. Thats all I can advise, unless anybody else wants to add something or correct me.

    The bad thing about passing is the car maintinance. Petrol mainly, although i need a new rear wiper. A car is a useful thing to have but it will also drain the money from your pockets. Hint: Get insured as a second driver on somebody elses car. Then get them to pay for the repairs.

  18. seriously, dnt wory, i passed 5th tym and it feels gr8 wen you do, i know is frustratiin but jus hang in there! im jus gna go drive nw 😛

  19. ello everyone, i just had my seventh, yes seventh test the other day and i failed again! absolutely gutted by this point! to be fair this was a bad one, i was just too relaxed and not alert. But saying this, i have been extremely unkucky in the past and should have passed at least 3 of the last tests i had done. for example, the last test i failed because i took too lon doing a bay park(in what was a tight car park) and also on the 5th test i failed because, after giving way to an oncoming vehicle, it hit my wing mirror and i failed!!!!! how messed up is that?! there is no justice! my theory runs out in 2 weeks and im struggling to get a date at the mo!

  20. Just failed my 3rd test, am fine with my instructor but a jibbering wreck on a test, tried calms, bachs rescue, hypnotherapy!!!Test should be continued assesment, dont feel like I can face a 4th but have spent so much on lessons have to :(.

  21. Hey Quantum, just to let you know that i failed my 2nd test, same examiner too, booked new test, 3rd time lucky!

  22. I failed for my 3rd time today!!! It’s rubbish!! I am 17 year old male, and as soon as the examiner lays his eyes on you he thinks to himself, ‘BOY RACER’!! I had 3 minors and one serious, the serious for observations at a roundabout!!! I was going left and a 4×4 was comin round going right, and as it was going slow off I went and thought nothing of it. It’s not even as if i floored it to get in front, i was no where near it!! How harsh is that?? Got back to the test centre, did the bay-parking fine and really thought I had finally passed!! Then the prick makes his speach about how you’ve failed. I was gutted as they are all money-grabbing bastards! Got another date for 5th of Feb, Sunday morning 🙂 so hopefully no stupid jeeps flying about.

  23. Unlucky majikatt, I’m sure the 3rd attempt will be the one.

    Darrell, I know what you mean about relaxing too much. After a while you are expecting to fail and give up trying to pass. Just keep alert and don’t hit anything this time.

    Mark, the only thing to watch out for on a Sunday test is Sunday drivers. Don’t get stuck behind one on a straight road as they can fail you for not making progress.


  25. Hi,

    I know how everyone is feeling about there test’s and can understand that it feels like some one has taken the carpet from under your feet when you fail. Failed my first test and have left it till i was 26 to try again because i gave up on it i watched as my friends passed there test’s and i sort of lost hope.

    I am now going for my second test and feel as bad as i did when i took my first test when is 17 i know all i can do is try my best and that is what i will do. I have been on the dsa website and found the policy to which they follow on marking students. If you would like to look at this for yourself type (dt1) in the search bar on the dsa website.

    Also i have researched about this quota item and found there are qoutas in place for driving test pass rates but this does not affect you if you are up to standard. I have also found the dsa test routes for driving tests which i think helps because you can workout some method of driving for that area.

    I hope this helps


  26. just keep going. on the day you can be lucky or whatever, some examiners do seem tighter thn others. just dont woory about it, its gutting at first, i failed 4 times. al my friends were passing around me, i felt sick. but i think if you do everything properly, you cant give them a reason to fail you!

  27. I failed my 2nd test today! I am gutted! I failed on roundabouts, it was on this big 4 lane beast that I’d never been on. I should have been practising in the area where my test centre was but my instrcutor never took me to far from my house so the c*** could save his petrol money. I failed first time on roundabouts, and second time on roundabouts. My first examiner was a total c***, he was the deputy chief examiner and really really strict, and i had the fool the second time around aswell! Ive heard some are nicer than others, and they help you out a bit, but this one was a total fool. Im gonna have to go for my third test which is 3 weeks away! I better pass, or Im gonna clobber the examiner

  28. I’ve failed on roundabouts, my indicator auto cancelled and i didn’t put it back on. I did correctly signal when changing lanes and exiting the roundabout but because my indicator wasnt on all the time I failed.

    Good news is that I have completed my Pass Plus and am awaiting the certificate in the post. Pass Plus is a breeze in comparison to the actual test. It’s worth it in the end.

  29. I failed my first test today, absolutly gutted!! Got 3 majors and 8 minors. The majors were daft things really like, apparently i went over the speed limit which is bull coz i was constantly checking my speed! Second was for not using my mirrors appropriatly, third was for not coming into a bus lane when i should have!! apart from that i drove pretty well considering my nerves. Got my second one on March 22nd. Really hope i pass this one, it costs a fortune and i cant afford to keep doing this!!!!

  30. Well….thats me successfully failed my driving test four times. Looking on the bright side, surely they’ll run out of things to fail me on! I’ve had the same examiner 3 times (he was obviously hated at school). He insists in failing me for the daftest of things but then thats why the pass rate is like 29% at Glasgow Mosspark. The Major faults were failing to follow the road round when it was all the one road – apparenly this is dangerous?? Then there was the time it took me three attempts to reverse round a corner. In my defense I had to clear the junction on the first attempt. Im resitting this week so fingers crossed I dont get HIM again……..

  31. failing for being on a white line after parking *is* a fail, but you are allowed to straighten up as much as you like, you can open the door and have a look, but as soon as you say you have completed your manouvre, it must be right!

    I failed my first test on the 16th Feb for stalling. Trust me it was quite a stall! I blocked the road at some traffic lights, which meant I missed the lights change again, got something like 6 minors and 2 majors off that one stall… there is always next time, I suppose (March 23rd).

    Good luck for everyone else.

  32. [quote] I failed for my 3rd time today!!! It’s rubbish!! I am 17 year old male, and as soon as the examiner lays his eyes on you he thinks to himself, ‘BOY RACER’!! I had 3 minors and one serious, the serious for observations at a roundabout!!! I was going left and a 4×4 was comin round going right, and as it was going slow off I went and thought nothing of it. It’s not even as if i floored it to get in front, i was no where near it!! How harsh is that?? Got back to the test centre, did the bay-parking fine and really thought I had finally passed!! Then the prick makes his speach about how you’ve failed.[quote]

    Amazing Mark, believe it or not mate… That is EXACTLY 100% how i failed. Im 18 myself.

    To be honest, Although im unsure.. The DSA i blieve have a quota of how many test candidates they are allowed to pass or have to pass within there week, Ive heard this from my instructor and my friend instructor who was an examiner.

    Quite lame if you ask me.

  33. I cannot belive, just 5 days from my next test, the entire of the Uk is under snow!!!! im just not having much luck with these tests. Failed 3 times, cancelled 4 times due 2 frost, ice and dark weather, and another because my cars MOT decided to run out 2 days before my last , which resulted in me also not being allowed to participate in another enjoable test!!! I have some odd feeling that they do not want me on the roads!!! Let us all pray for sun and for me 2 pass on march 6th!!! Woooo!

  34. Had my 1st test yesturday and i failed as soon as i set off i feel so stupid. i put the car into 1st instead of third wen reversing out of a car parking space on a slope outside the test centre. ok it would of been ok if i ad relaized wat was going on but i was just kept going foward and wondering why i was going foward eventually he sed he had to stop me cus i was a hazard to a lady on the pavement so i new i’d failed the 2nd i’d set off. i dont think i’ll eva get over the embarassment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. May contain nuts -Quote “I think you can fly to Slovenia with that kind of money and pass your driving test with ease (Quote from Autocar) and than convert it to a UK one!”

    Any more info on this would be aprieciated.

    I have failed for the 3rd time now at the age of 32! with minors ( hesitation down a norrow country lane and indicating to early comming up to a round about). I have spent the best part of £3500 on lessons and test, enough is enough!.

    Any help and advice about taking a test in an EU country where the rules and regs arnt so strict (bent) ….Cough (backhander)?. Do you need to be a resident or anything else?.

    If you dont want to post here Email me@:- mxhybrid@hotmail.com

    Thanks Rebostar

  36. Failed my 4th test. I dont have any faith in myself anymore in what i do. it makes me feel stupid. it seems like nothing lucky ever happens to me my cousin passed first time and he is a freshie (from bangladesh.)

  37. Failed my 2nd practical test yesterday, did both my manouvers wrong, went up the curb twice!! cant believe it, will i ever pass????????????? 1st time i got the driving worng, made loads of mistakes but got manouvers right, this tiime i drove perfectly but got manouvers wrong!!!HELP……….. Got my 3rd test on 8th April!!!GOD HELP ME!!

  38. Hay guys gutted failed my test for the 4th time 2day. which is really crap cos most of my m8s have passed and im the only 1 that hasn’t.The test woz goin ok apart from when i came to the magic roandabout. I thought i woz in the wrong lane, so carryed on goin the wrong way, but forgot 2 single left at 1 of the roundabouts.That woz the only major i got what a bumer.Yeah but ent giving up cos i no im a good driver and i will do it eventually get there. yeah its so damn expensive so got 2 pass 5th and final time. So guys if u fail it ent the end of the world just dont give up ul get there in the end.

  39. I’m still yet to have my next practical test. Its in may, and i’m starting to wonder, is there any point?! Having failed a ridiculous amount of tests, is it any wonder I feel like this?! And to make matters worse, all my friends around me are passing with ease. Including my ex girlfriend! That just made everything so much worse. Oh well. All I can do is keep going!

  40. just failed 4th test. got 1 major, cuz at 6ways roundabout (its huuggee 4 lane beast) came upto it in wrong position (if i stayed there i would of ended up on m5) so i quickly changed lane just before the white markers started, and cuz i didnt use right mirror he gave me a major. grrrrrr so far had 1major2minor, 1major1minor, 1major5minor and the 1 mojor

    ive passed 13 mock tests now but when i get in car with examiner the nearves come really bad

  41. I had my first test recently and got the examiner failed me for accumulating 4 of the same minors. Says my move off control was too fast and claims there was WHEEL SPIN and TORQUE STEERING, I mean wow what a load of crap. It’s absolutely gutting cause the rest went perfect. I also hit the kerb on the bay park but he never noticed!!!! Or well he never mentioned it or marked anything!!!!! LOL.

  42. I failed my 14th test last week and now my theory has run out. Just booked my theory again for 24th of April I am not giving up

  43. Not to rub it in atol but to offer encoragment, but finally passed after 4th tym with an incredible 7minors, the most I have ever had before in tests 1, 2 n 3 was 4. Something wrong with system there I feel! Think they were sick of the sight of me! Just to say to everyone that you must keep on trying hard n goin with your driving as we the prick examiner finally say you’ve passed it’s the best feeling ever, and so much satisfaction comes from it, considering the £1000’s of pounds spent, countless hours spent with smelly old instructors and the amount of greif caused by bein constantly told ur not good enough by some jerk in a yellow jacket! So just to wish everyone very good luck in future tests and to keep going as you will pass!!! 😀 Now I get to roam the streets in true Boy Racer fashion! Gd luck!

  44. got my first test on thursday afternoon and so nervous! dont know what to expect…..
    anyone got any advice?

  45. Hi all,

    i have my forth test tomorrow i am soooo nervous the more u take it the worse it gets ha!!! i soo hope i pass this time, i am taking it in my own car aswell! i canny beleve how hard it is to pass ure test i mean i know i can drive but its all upto this one guy who doesnt know u and doesnt know how u drive normally shocking!!! i am not a happy puppy!! hehe Goodluck to everyone who is taking theres soon!!!

    Emma x

  46. Hi i eventually passed my test on the 7th attempt its the hardest thing iv ever had to do..luckilly now i can look back on my tests and laugh about it but at the time it used to get me really down as a lot of my friends had passed..Nerves got the better of me on most of the tests…i had a car crash into the back of me on one of my tests wasnt my fault as id stopped at traffic lights but the test had to be cancelled luckilly i got a free one but i then became very anxious about stoppin at traffic lights, another test i got 4 miners and then got back to the test centre to do my reverse park and it was full so i had to wait for a space and then sum c++t who wasnt even on test who was practicin with his dad parked into the bay behind me so i ended up havin to go halfway across the carpark to reverse into another bay needles to say i completly lost my concentration and didnt park straight my examiner was nice about it and i could tell he wanted me to pass..other times it was too many minors, and i got a serious for not lookin in my mirrors…so when it came to the 7th time i was really nervous so i went on the internet to see if anything could help when i got a hypnotic cd to pass ur driving test (im not usually the kind of person to listen or buy these things but i would of done anyhing at the time i listened to it 3 times and even went to sleep with cd on it’s suppose to get into ur subconsious mind and relax u!..well when it came to my test i had the same woman i’d had 3 times b4 she’s known to be stict and hard to pass with so i thought oh fuck iv failed b4 even takin the test but then i thought fuck it just drive and if u fail u fail its not like it aint happend b4..and i couldnt believe it i was not nervous at all!! as it was a car i hadnt drove for long in my lessons b4 i always stalled it..i never stalled it on my test! when we got back to the test cente and she said i passed it was one of the best feelings iv had! and i encourage everyone not to give up coz when u hear those words u kno it’s been worth it! GOODLUCK!

  47. i did my test on the 28th of september 2006, this was my first time and i past with only 2 miners, and to me that was the most simplest thing that i have ever done IN MY LIFE.
    Good luck to the people having another shot at it, it will all pay off in the end.

  48. I have my second test next week and already im sick of taking them. My 17 year old sister passed 1st time 2 weeks ago and my 18 year old brother last week. My best friend passed today (shes only 19). So at the age of 21 and the only one who acctually has a car, im feeling pretty crap! I know i will get there eventually, but at the moment it feels like im never going to get that bit of paper that states I am a safe enough driver to be let out on the road alone!

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