Driving Test #4 – Failed

Thats another driving test failed. The even better news is my theory test expires on the 16th and I can't get another test.

I'm going to save doing another theory test until after my exams. Hopefully it wont take me 3 times to pass it like the first time. Bloody DSA.

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  1. I took my second Test today, 1st fail was nerves, 2 serious faults 5 minors. This time, 2 minors, I knew I’d passed. less than 2 mins from the test centre and some Twat jumped a red light as I was turning right and my examiner failed me, because I should have assessed he was not going to stop EVEN THOUGH he has slowed down……. SO even though I had started to break, he felt it wasn’t quick enough and braked so hard he nearly sent me through the windscreen. He was not a bad examiner but I’m sure the DSA are a bunch of crooks, I’m seriously feeling the love for all the poor bastards who get fed up with it and just drive without being licensed. I mean come on – How is it even fair? I am a good safe driver. The worst of it is when this twat in the car went passed me he grinned and winked at the examiner – so even though it was a deliberate act, he still failed me. If my examiner is reading this – I think it was unfair and poor judgment on your part, you should be ashamed – one day when the DSA is privatised and is paid on passing the people who use it – you will all be out of work and when you have a cardboard plaque saying ‘please give generously’ I will ensure that, and this is because you were a niceish human, I aim my kick for a nice clean vasectomy, without too much scarring. xxx

  2. first test today.nervous as hell.nearly same story guy came out of a junction wouldnt stop so examiner slammed the brakes on even tho i was slowing down.rip off bastards u fuckn take enough money off us then blame us for other people get a life dickheads.

  3. I failed my test the second time on the new independant rules, how did i fail, getting in a wrong lane at a round-a-bout. i did notice this but it was a bit late so insted of cutting the person up on the inside lane i took the next exit and turned around went the right way. I was told this is possible to do this and if you went the wrong way you wouldnt fail so i was not worried. It was only when i got back to the test centre i was told i had failed gutted. I failed due to using wrong lane!!!!!! The funniest thing was he gave me a eco leaflet and said next time you make a journey plan it well so you dont use as much fuel……….Well if i could of planed that journey i would not of failed lol got to laugh or i’ll cry

  4. You need to relax a bit more and don’t be to nervous about your test, and you will see you’ll pass. It’s easy if you keep cool

  5. If someone flashes their lights at you do not ignore them and do not just go. Let the flash of? lights draw your attention to then and then assess what they mean are they looking at you are they slowing down etc.

  6. I passed my driving test on the fourth attempt and I know how difficult it is to go through this time and time again and the confidence it knocks out of you. But if I can pass on the two things that helped me, hopefully I can help someone to get through this… Firstly I downoaded Paul McKennas, confidence while driving hypnotherapy and listened to it each night as I fell asleep (which I will definitley say helps, I have been driving 5 months now, after passing my test and the confidence-not cockiness-still stays with me) Secondly, when I was mid taking lessons, i bought myself a car, I only spent about £800 on it, but it was just for my first car and it was a ford focus, so a great car to drive, but anyway, about a month before taking test no. 4, I stopped taking lessons and used my own car–constantly for 2 weeks–and I had my mam with me as the experienced driver. And I have to say you definitley gain a whole new confidence when driving, when you dont have an instructor watching and scrutinising every move and you get to put into practise all the skills and knowledge you gained through the lessons!! Even when I was taking test no.4, my instructor said afterwards, that “he was very impressed with my driving, and I came across as a very experienced driver who had been driving for years”.
    Although the nerves were still with me, in hindsight, I knew in my heart I could drive and it was just up to me to prove to the tester that I could do it, after all I had put A LOT of money into it!! I hope this helps…

  7. Good day!
    Driving is not an easy thing to do. Physical and mental aspects and skills are important. Focus is the key to make it through. That is for my own opinion. Thank you!

  8. i have been driving for about 20 years, never had any accident hold international driving licence, passed my theory test first time, i thought would have passed my practical test the first time, but still took couple of lessons in case and at my practical, here you go DSA examiner was so cold and in my independent driving he showed me a diagram, but i did not know the area that well i got confused i positioned to the left but i asked him he did not even answer then i took the gamble and straight remembered i got to take the 3rd exit, because i was at that lane it was impossible to take the right turning but no cars were coming i took the 3rd turning then everything went cool my driving normal,he knew i am a good driver but tried to make it difficult and took me through strange roads of luton but he still failed me, i think he was taking his job too seriously, and forgatten a human factor, so personality matters if they want they can make your life easy, but this man was difficult one, my instructor said he is the most difficult examiner you see in luton, so mr m haywards. is not a easy one to pass you, examiners can be power fricks if they want you need support from a good instructors, also more money for DSA to fail you. theory test is fair computerized but practical test is not fair at all.

  9. I passed mine a long time ago, second attempt, altough I had driven in 3 different countires with 11 years driving experience. ( and I can bet the examiner has never been outside his town). I do beleive that the UK practical test is a scam. The more you fail the more you pay DVLA…helps them fund themselves. If they pass too many people, there won’t be enough work to justify all the examiners. Instructors and examiners are often friends and a wink and nod is common….more work for the instructor and so on.
    This is not JUST my own experience but many have felt the same way.


    i knew i shouldnt have went to wednesbury everyone was right and i didnt listen £120 down the the drain

  11. Start your test preparation by first reading the manual correctly.This will help you to get more idea and will also help you to remember all the important details,once you begin your study!

  12. Stop moaning people, perhaps the real reason you guys failed is because YOU where a crap driver on your test. Blame yourself, not the examiners. As for the international licence guy, just goes to show it means jack! If you could drive you would of passed!!

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