Laptop Keyboards

Computers maybe getting smaller and faster but keyboards are getting slower. The keyboard on my laptop cant seem to keep up with the rate at which i type :(. This is a problem with web addresses as it tends only to recognise 2 or at worst 1 of my w's in www.

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  1. Maybe the processor of said “laptop” cannot keep up with the speed of the mighty Tunkmietser.
    And surely physical size of a laptop bears no resemblence to its speed only to it’s functionality??

    Love Brian the pig.

  2. The laptop has a 2600+ AMD Mobile cpu and half a GB of ram. It’s fast enough. It the keys themselves which dont respond as quickly as I would like.

    Not taking the 64MB shared GFX into account, this laptop is now my second most powerful pc.

  3. Dont use it as a porn browsing masturbation tool, semen under the keys is bound to slow things down.

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