Site Tidy

I have been having a tidy up of the site. Over the past few months there has been a build up of comment spam. Now whilst there is nothing wrong with online casinos or herbal viagra and numerous other things to improve my life, I dont want them advertised on the site.

I've added a few linux links too, since WordPress were good enough to create feature filled blogging software I thought it was about time I put it to some use.

The next step on the site ladder is a little font and colour work. Then it will be time to do another WordPress update. I should really do more between updates.

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  1. look tunk u dnt know half the stuff dat goes on and when i say i dnt want andy goin its bcoz of a reason, but that reason is personal and private…he knows and i know. so dnt go pushin him into things. sorry.anywhere else except zanzibar

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