What to do with….

What should I do with.....
A Dyson Vacuum Cleaner
Some nylon cord
and some chocolate syrup?

Your best suggestions please.

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  1. Throw the chocolate syrup away. Put the vacuum cleaner away, you’re not a woman, then hang yourself.

    Buh Bye Tunky! 😀

  2. on similiar lines to Paul, i think you should:

    Eat the chocolate, (comforting)
    Turn on the hoover and leave it running under you
    Then hang yourself, no doubt whilst dying/being dead you will vomit/urinate etc.. this way the hoover will clean up your waste, and save people much time on your discovery

  3. This is what I would do;

    Use the chocolate syrup to lubricate the handle of the dyson.

    Attach the dyson to something that wont move using the nylon cord, like the door.

    Have some great fun by sticking the dyson up your arse, the nylon is a safety device so that it wont be get lost!


  4. O K
    Some interesting suggestions there. But then again i didn’t expect anything less from you lot.

  5. what i think you should do tunk is get the pipe from the dyson, stick it into your anus, ensureing your ring piece makes an air tight seal – (perhaps superglue would be needed, after the years of battering your ring piece has entailed)

    Then lie on your back and bring your knees to your chin, then take one of the following avenues:-

    drop an array of numbered balls down the dyson pipe, and then let off a number of small farts, and play bingo as the balls fly out of the pipeing..

    Or, trick your house mate into pouring water down the tube, to perform an enema, only then for you to let out a tremendous fart and cover him in shitty water…

  6. Or, put the stuff away and use the time updating your flagging website 🙂

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