This weekend is yet another filled with pies, MY PIES. Over the past few weeks I have been improving my pastry and this weekend its the best yet. Nice and crumbly and complementing the pie well.

The pies this weekend were filled with Steak, Mushrooms, Onion, Sweetcorn and Potato.

You can't beat a good pie when the weather is cold.


3 Replies to “Pies”

  1. Who ate all the pies, Who ate all the pies…. YOU FAT BASTARD…YOU FAT BASTARD…YOU ATE ALL THE PIES!!!

  2. Why not try filling a pie with some sort of white creamy substance and then throwing them at passers by?

    I think that would be really funny because on contact, they wpould explode and you could brag about jizzing over that many people.


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