I have a cold

In my typical way I am going to make a fuss out of nothing. I have cold and I'm all bunged up. I would ask for you to donate your sympathy but paypal will not accept transactions using that yet. You could however email me a tissue. That would be useful.

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  1. Do you think if you filled someones arse with petrol, inserted a long piece of string, and superglued their ring piece closed, they would be a giant candle?

    Or an “Arse Candle” you could say


  2. Actually, they wouldnt be, the string would not burn unless paraffin was on it, then in that case, it would get to the ring piece and extinguish, as superglue once set is not able to be burnt.

    Even in the case where there is a little hole left for the ignition to get to the petrol, it would not just burn like a candle they would explode, but even if their insides were containing petrol it would kill them before the string would be ignited. This is due to petrols acidic property, and the anus being made out of soft tissue.

    I rest my case, all hail me!!!

  3. I’m glad you set me straight on that one before i went out and tried it.
    Silly me hadn’t thought it through properly.

    Damn 🙁

  4. can you not post anything else interesting? it still looks boring as well, bout time u did summat

  5. In a post completely unrelated to anthonys, may I suggest that you check out trevor.net tunk? it’s for cool people like you, me and anthony 🙂

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