Dev Session

You may be pleased to know that after my recent promises to actually do some work on the new site look I have done so. The layout code has taken a big step forward.

The site will back to its cheerful self soon enough.

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  1. I am currently working on the redesign. Things are taking a little longer than expected due to standards compliance. The main reason being when i switched the page description from HTML 4.01 to XHTML 1.0 Internet explorer interpreted it differently. I am having to modify the planned layout to take into account this problem.

    I am saving up my opinions for the relaunch. If you have any other suggestions on what I should be including then let me know. I can add new ideas in to the redesign if i know about them soon enough.

  2. u gona update this site soon or wot tunk its beginning to get rather boring. sorry mate but i am just spkin the truth. Well titch i had to work with 3 of ur best mates today and they were as dark as ur shit…!!!!

  3. Lisa, if you knew what it has been like for me at work over the past week you will understand why the site has been delayed. Try getting a showroom fully kitted out for a grand opening and having to overcome all the technical difficulties because they did a shit job of building it. Its physicaly demanding work and I have been working extra hours to helpget it finished. At the end of the day working on the website is the least of my concerns. So just be patient and it will get done. Its well on the way to getting finished. I will try to enable a release with minimum extra features by the weekend.

    People complaining the site isnt ready also doesnt help. I listen to people on the phone all day at work getting rather angry at me as I have been to busy to phone them back sooner.

  4. Fucking hell tunk, Get it finished will you, its getting beyond a joke, and i for one are getting fed up of your shitty excuse!

    only joking mate.

  5. dnt lie anthony…..

    tunk its bloody hitachi not sony!! So ur grand opening is nothing really!! is it?

    Oh and dnt try and get mad and aggresive coz it just isnt working except for the laughter.

    Ps i still love you.

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