4 Replies to “A possibility for a new site logo”

  1. Tunk are you ever gona change this website its boring and no1 seems to be writin on it and no1 seems to like it black or just cnt be arsed to write anything. so change it.

  2. I plan on changing when i get time. This week i have been involved with a conference at Hitachi. I was there till 11pm yesterday (after 5pm unpaid). Tonight I have been out at a business dinner associating with the French, German, Spanish and Sweedish representatives. So I havent had alot of free time. The time i have had i have used for chilling out. Tech supporting a conference is a stressful job.
    From 9am each morning I control the media presentation gear until the finish. Troubleshooting along the way. I have the upgrade in the planning stage so it will eventually get done. I just want to do it right.

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