A few snaps from the Norfolk Holiday experience.

A 3some on a sofa. How come I didn't make it 4??? (cos you were behind the camera you idiot)

Andy blocked the hotel bog with a HUGE MEATY LOG!!! Here he is trying to manually push it down after the flushing failed.

Claire oozes hydraulic fluid.

Do I bother saying anything about the antics in this pic?

Claire wearing very little, mmmm nice.

When not wasting pounds and pounds on the coin sliders the girls partook in a spot of dancing. Oh to see how they bounce about in such a joyous way. Not as good as House of the Dead 3. That game RULEZZZZZ.

The Gimp without the Nova O'Death.

Da Girlz

A sexy looking Lotus

Me being a little odd.

Me looking drunk, even though i wasnt. Do I always look that bad?

Peck looking a bit bored and lacking in alcohol consumption.

The mighty Andy relaxing. But Andy where is your beer?!?!?!?!?!?

Lisa and Claire on one of the few rides that you didnt come off feeling really ill.

Some of us just couldn't handle the pace of the day.

Andy, What are you on???

This one needed to be posted as somebody said it was "NICE". No accounting for artistic tastes these days.

Those are the current pics I have of the Norfolk trip. I will try to obtain a few more and they will appear if i suceed.

15 Replies to “Norfolk”

  1. nice set of tasteful pictures there tunk. i would just like to add that i do have more than one set of clothes! 😀

  2. Mister Plumridge, are you wearing make up in the one where your lying on the bed? about 2 from the bottom?

    I think you are…

  3. also, as told to admit by tunk..

    that picture of claire wearing very little, is well… very nice, and i have to admit shes looking very spunkable

  4. Nice set of pics Tunky baby. nice to see your back safe and sound and maybe see you soon if we all make the trip to see you! Love you always Tunky 😉 😛

  5. Didn’t you manage to collect any more, erm, private pictures of the delightful Claire then Tunk? what about you Peck? did you capture some for us? 😉

  6. Nop, sorry mate didn’t take a camera with me! try asking Owen cus no one has seen his pics yet!

  7. hey titch….watch it claire is my best mate and she will get very scared of u sayin things like dat….but anyway if u do want some picks of her i av naked ones….:D
    who was dat guy wit u at college?

  8. I wouldn’t say no to an array of naked pictures of her…

    And that guy was your ‘good friend’ Peej

  9. hi its claire,glad u like da pics,u shud see the ones that me&lisa took onda last nite when we were in our room together – on our own – wink wink nudge nudge!!!

  10. Well Claire if you would perhaps make those pics available I’m sure a few of us would appreciate thier content, Hint Hint.

  11. beautiful stranger im not quite sure you are so beautiful….claire is da only beautiful one here oh and dats including me as well…….jk!!!

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