Good News Bad News

Firstly people I have some good news. I have been offered a placement at Hitachi. So they are gonna employ me for a year and give me money. The bad news is I'm gonna be moving away :(. I'm sure some of you will still consider this good news.

It now gives me only about a month before I depart. It's worrying in someways. I have to shift myself to the other end of the country. I wont have broadband anymore 😥

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  1. im so sad and lonely i talk to my P.C. everynight. ive never had any sort of friend only imaginary ones. thats y i open my sad life onto these pages for you all to laugh at me. yours sincerely Mathew (billy no mates)

  2. I was gonna say, how could you have possibly posted those rather unpleasant posts at that time as you were largin’ it down notts

  3. It wasn’t me, however i have no alibi 🙁 – Although im sure Tunk will believe me, he knows that when i point out hes an arse fisting fetishes, i will put my name above it.

    Also he can track IPs like a magic man.

  4. That twat sounds like Moss. If so Moss your the one who seriously needs to grow up and not me. Leave Tunk alone, whats he EVER done against you???

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