What to do now though?

I got a txt from Gill last night. She wants to chat online sometime. Panic time. Whats she gonna say???


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  1. Tell her that you have a rare disease in which you must bathe yourself in a bath of sweedish meetballs that have been crushed between the toes of young Iraqi virgins every morning in order to stay alive….

    I’m sure that will be enough to put her off… If not, now should be a good time to hide..

    Anyone else after some good advice, please do not hesitate to contact me at the above e-mail adress.

    I do not charge for advice.

  2. Just tunk thats allowed to ask for advice?

    Or can i ask whats the best way to masturbate using the impliments soon to be stated, only?

    KY Kelly, Rubber Gloves, Nipple Clamps, Cabbage x 2, A Washing Line, A Light Bulb, A car battery, and hey, lets get a little bit weird, some Nuttella chocolate spread?

  3. Use the car battery and bulb to light the area. Use the washingline to restrict your airflow. Cover your nipples in Nuttela and clamp. Cover the cabages in KY and hold them with the gloves. Insert your meat rod between the cabbages and oscillate.

  4. A well thought out practical idea there Tunk.

    I was hoping for something a little more kinky though 🙁

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