Not Quite an Epic

ALthough I decide that writing an epic each saturday took an excessinve ammount of my time, I decided thayt today requires a mention.

It was a sunny morning and already a little too warm by the time i reached work. My morning cconversation with the cleaning ladies was interrupted by the arrival of Gaz. Oh good i thought, a day where things might once again be organised. I couldn't have been more wrong.

The first oddity was with the bread delivery from British Bakeries. It was deposited outside the back door with out its usual driver. This meant I didn't begin putting it out straight away as i normally would. I was of course expecting the driver to return and sign it all off.

Next problem, we have no bakery staff. Hence in i step, hey I was already doing bread. So that occupied me until Mr Moss arrived to take over.

Not only did we have no bakery staff, we were lacking in till operators too. Hence I was covering tills aswell.

The day resulted in many changes. The only ones worth noting were the pleasurable ones. These were working on dairy and freezers. I like the cold me :mrgreen: .

I spent the rest of my day running arounf like a headless chicken. A sweaty chicken at that.

My sweat production was finally realised after a shower in my own home made brine.

On the whole though it wasnt a bad day.

Thoughts for today:

1. Is that fine new till girl legal?
2. If she isn't am I a paedophile?
3. Who has the bluest eyes, Heather or new girl?
4. Why was today so fucked up?
5. Is Gaz going to come back to regular Saturday monings?
6. Where did the driver from British Bakeries go?
7. Will new boy Grant last the distance or end up another Yimmi?
8. Is Rajiv considering removing that hairy growth from his face?
9. Will Bec be pleased if I put a pic of her arse on my website?
10. Could it be possible for Mike to be a proper manager?

8 Replies to “Not Quite an Epic”

  1. Fit till girl? i was in there about… 1:30ish… 3 till people on, one was a minger, the others were busy, so i went to the fag counter, and got served by Bec (Slap her ass on here, good lad.)

    So unless this new till girl was the bird that walked in when i was chatting to gimpboy and Andy near the enterance, about 1:30, (who was rather erm, nice) then i dont know what all the fuss is about…

    And aww, im sure Heather still has the Bluest eyes… πŸ™‚

  2. Has someone stolen Tunks affections from Heather?…….


  3. Hopefully not, she is too young. I don’t wanna go down that road till my life is utterly fucked up.

  4. Wahey!! boxing is on, and some white skin head is battering fuck out of a nigger – Must make all the hard work, training etc… Worth while… getting to fist a nigger repeatedly in the ring πŸ˜‰

  5. “Quantum – email – url
    Hopefully not, she is too young. I don’t wanna go down that road till my life is utterly fucked up. “

    Only me finding that amusing?!

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