The Saturday Epic in Pics

Morning Bec

Jennah and Bec

Raddish tells me where the hot water is found

Drying hands after washing away the evidence of the dirty deed

No fear, security is always vigilant

Lee Owen working hard as usual

Gaz, in his so called action shot

Emma, before she threw a plastic bottle at me

Andy was disapproving of something, not sure what though

Hollie didn't want the pic of her posting, which is a shame. Heather ran away as soon as she saw the imaging device. I will get a good pic of her soon enough.

9 Replies to “The Saturday Epic in Pics”

  1. Well what about ass pics for my own personal collection?

    – cant say im not willing to compromise 🙂

  2. Lets just try and aquire a nice pic of Heather, not to say that any other pic of Heather would be any less nice. One with a close up of her eyes would be nice. I likes her blue eyes. Me wants to keep them in a little box to look at every now and again. Hmm, I am I comming across a little disturbed??

    Oh well,Muahahahaha!

  3. I think after you going on like that mate, i have more chance of getting a tit/ass shot that you going with in 50 yrds of her…

    Smell that restraining order!

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