Fucking Ebuyer.com

I had placed an order for a PQI 128MB Secure Digital Card, it should have been back in stock in 7 days. I decided to check the website today to see if any progress had been made. Imagine my shock when I see the exact same card in stock with a different order code.

I called up the support line for help. They were rubbish. After messing about thw woman at the other end finally told me I had to redo the order online. No applogies what so ever about me being inconvinienced.

The new product was 11p less but i have paid more P+P as i am fedup of waiting. So it has cost me more time and money.

After having to cancel my last order with them when they stopped supplying the product I wanted was bad enough.

Needless to say I doubt I will be ordering with them again. 👿

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