Well its monday. Nothing of the slightest bit of interest has happened. I went to bed at 7am after working all night and contiunued the day at 1. I do hope you out there in the real world have done something productive.

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  1. Actually tunk, no i had about 10-12 hours sleep. woke up to having a fone call from a lady saying i could start my new job, lots of money for a girl of my age…. πŸ™‚
    then i had an arrival at andys house of which i slept at anyway, and guess wot….it was his new MESH computer, me being the only one in the house had to sign for only the man who delieverd it was really scary πŸ™
    but apart from that no my day was really boring until andy arrived home.

  2. Well uve made me feel a lot better tonight giving me advice so dont think nothing positive has come out of the day πŸ™‚ Thanks x x

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