Another late one

Well I know I haven't posted anything interesting in a couple of days but what do you expect. The past several days I have spent doing writeups that should have been done a while ago. This is my bad planning for you. Roll on Friday afternoon when i hand this bundle of crap in to be marked. Its doing my head in. Its taken longer than I thought and many problems have arisen. Such as the simulation software crashing and it wiping out all my saved circuit files. Not the best thing to happen and if I had needed them again I would have been seriously pissed off. As it stands I am just emotionless. Sitting here continuing to process this data.

Note to self: Plan your work schedule in advance and don't leave things till the last minute. You will regret it as much as you do now if you do so.

Note to Note to self: All this talking to myself might make people think I'm a little strange. Might be wise to avoid it in the future.


9 Replies to “Another late one”

  1. hi mathew it me britney yet again i really like ur cool site n i wudnt mind if i got to av a close look at ur bedroom to c ur set up. wink wink πŸ™‚

  2. Hello Britney…. When will you be in England? im a big fan, i was just wondering if you know, it would be possible to meet up, just so i could get your autograph, for my brother like… πŸ™‚

  3. And I would invite you into my bedroom but I’m not sure if my sister would allow me to cavort with other ladies πŸ™

    Plus I’m saving my wad for Heather’s sweet sweet ass ;);)

  4. Anthony you may find it funny to post as me. My adivce to you is don’t. I’ll ban your ass if you do it again.

  5. Anthony’s been with me in a none-homosexual way all day Matthew, and we haven’t been within 100 yards of a computer within that time.

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