Not the most productive of evenings

I planned this evening to get some circuits simulated as part of my course work due in friday. The problem was the buggers wouldnt simulate. This has been a major set back and has raised my stress level a considerable ammount. Looks like I need to find a solution and fast. On the plus side I am now so stressed I havent got time to worry about depression. Out of the frying pan and into the fire I go. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. Maybe it wont be. I don't give a toss anymore. Let life throw what it can at me. I may come close to breaking point but I don't snap easily. Come on everybody take your best shot at me. This week I shall take you all on with my bare hands and rip you all to pieces.

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  1. I may get depressed but I don’t snap. If i were to truly snap it would be a memorable occasion. I have been close a few times to completely loosing it but I have always maintained control.

  2. By a “memorable occasion” do you mean something like, walking into somerfields… shooting down all the members of staff, before turning the gun on yourself?

    or something more original… something like…

    Climbing to the top of a lamppost with a length of rope, a lighter, and a petrol can…
    Then tying the rope around your neck, and around the top of the lamp post…
    Then dousing yourself in petrol, igniting yourself, and then dropping off the lamppost

    1. Your neck will just snap, killing you instantly, no pain etc.
    2. All that will be left, is your swinging, burning corpse, as cars and people walk past, quite a lasting imagine, No?

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