The Saturday Epic

Today started off badly when I saw John arriving to open up the store. As nice as he is John gets seriously on my nerves at times. But Manager Mike thinks he's the bees knees. With John on the scene my usual routine went straight out the window, not a good start. John has one way of doing things I have another so having the accept the John method did not please me grately. With the delivery arriving the conflicting views were dissipated for a short while. The agency delivery driver was too cheerful for that time in the morning. Nothing pisses me off more at that time in the morning than an overly cheerful person. One thing of note though, this driver could count. He knew how many cages had gone off the back of the lorry and how many went on. "So what" you yell. Well its an odd occurance for a driver to be able to keep track of everything. Not to say that they are thick but normally they are not the brightest of people. The bread arrived albeit quite a few loafs short(155ish). So as has been requeste of me in previous weeks i began to put it out and reduce old stock as needed. John didn't like this. Not my department John said. So I basically gave him a look to say "Does it look like i care what you think". He didn't pick up on it. I was then going to help out on Dairy but another member of staff had been called in. I was going to aid futhur but oh no John wasnt having it. I was shoved into the hell hole which is the warehouse. Once again I got the same section to work with all the products which never go out and taunt me week after week. Bec wanted to know why I looked depressed. How do I condence down my inner turmoil into a manageable soundbite. I managed anyway and said I was generally down, which is always true of me. Still she kept smiling at me as I went past and just that did wonders to lift my spirits. A general lack of energy and enthusiasm made the morning go slow and this stressed me out. It was nice however to see Hollie on the shop floor for a brief time. About time they let her out from behind that evil till. Exchanging a few word with Hollie, Emma and Jennah raised my happiness lever furthur. This leads me to formulate the expression that "Tunks happiness is proportional to Female contact". Several more hours of working myself silly I was about ready to have serious words with Rajiv. Rajiv, the fat bastard, does all he can do to not lift a finger. It shows on the great lard bucket too. He has been there 4 months and thinks he owns the place. So what happens to these people that stand around doing as little as possible? They get a pay increase at a rate greater than that of my rise. Yongsters today never had it so lucky. So now he can waste time and even more money doing bugger all. Not that Rajiv is the only one. There are many members of staff that take the piss with how little work they do for their money. Lunch time arrived and I consumed a cheese and pasta salad (You would't see Rajiv eating it, nor fat Matt). I ended up in the canteen with Gaz and the security guard. Now Gaz is fine and I get on well with him. The security guard just asks stupid questions or tells everybody about what he has or is planning on purchasing for his house. After the first few weeks of this you get fed up of him. Not that he is too bad as I get his extra dohnut whe he has his lunch (today a pastie and pack of dohnuts). In my final hour I was set a task by Mike. Mike being another overly cheerful person at the end of a long day. This did not go down well on the tunk level of satisfactory mind status and irritability meter. I kinda dragged out the task as much as possible trying to reach the Rajiv level of idleness. I failed by a long way. During this task I had to emmpty a split can of Murphys, the sink enjoyed something that resembled chunks of stewing steak. The biggest chunk I named Rajiv on the count of its large presence and it not doing very much at all. 4 o'clock arrived and I was out that door sooner than a Security Guard wanting a free dohnut. Mother didn't appear to be anywhere instore or outside. So I walked home. On arriving home I discovered she had been there and I had walked all the way home for no reason at all. Not the best end to a day at work but and end atleast.

My thoughts for today:
1. How can a Security Guard eat junk food and not look like Rajiv?
2. Why do I put myself through this every week?
3. Why do I not appeal to women?
4. Why doesn't John see true logic and follow my way of doing thigs for a change?
5. How come I have spent all this time typing this?
6. Whats for dinner?
7. Who has/is going to block me on MSN?
8. Is Andy P going to run off with my holiday money?
9. Is Mike a last of his kind alien and if so why hasnt somebody got round to making them extint yet.
10. Why does it always rain on me?

14 Replies to “The Saturday Epic”

  1. Now Tunk, I understand that I am not forced to read about your day, but nevertheless, ever heard of paragraphs my cheerful buddy?

  2. better watch that one tunk i think Raj reads this site m8! and Mike the Shrek look alike alien does need to be made extinct

  3. If you dislike Mike and Jon why not annoy them like the rest of us do. The best way to do that is to be lazy! Raj may not do any work but so what, the only ones to lose out are the likes of MIKE… think about it!

  4. So what if Rajiv reads this site, if somebody irritates me they are named and shamed.

    I’m not the kind of person who will irritate somebody on purpose. I just let myself suffer their irritation.

  5. The only thing I want I can’t buy. I want a nice woman who I can love and will love me in return. I would give everything I own for that. But I don’t see it happening anytime soon. People say wait and somebody will come along. They probably will but in the mean time whilst I’m waiting I’m depressed. Everybody stay away from me, I’ll only drag you down with me.

  6. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ making a serious post?!
    Tunk, im guessing you enjoy focusing on the bad aspects of your day, as if it explains why everything isnt going your way…
    For instance… say, when you see Hthe delightful Heather in Somerfields, and your staring at her ass again – Only for her to see this, and go “Look, Tunk, just fuck off you perve…” You’ll focus on the fact that she told you to fuck off… rather than the fact that you had a good look at her ass, and then she spoke to you!!!

    See my point?!

    Also, about being walked all over at somerfield…. well, you can either shut up moaning about it, or do something about it… Fair enough, you dont want to kick boxes around like the rest of the fags there, and lick their arses thinking you are mates with them, when in reality, they cant stand you (not aimed at you specifically tunk…) but, why not instead of running around with cages, sweating your bollex off, only to recieve no thanks, why not waste time in a manner that can be to your enjoyment, as the rest of the boys do with FHM…. take the latest edition of PC Plus, and take it into the toilets for a good 15 minutes seeing to…
    Just dont do what andrew does, and put the oversized, now browning, cucumber back with the rest of the “fresh” goods stuff.

    Have a nice day ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. “Peck – url
    better watch that one tunk i think Raj reads this site m8!”

    YEAH!!!.. but.. but Raj is a fucking…… P…orky bastard!

  8. Hehe Alittle racist i think but what the hell “MYYYYYYYYY NIIIGGGGEEERRRR”

    and i am glad H’s ass seems to keep everyone happy lol

  9. Its hardly racist, I’m just singling him out as being a bit wide around the middle. People are always too quick to play the race card these days.

  10. Can’t blame him for that surely Heather! your a understanding kinda gal… Tunk has his urges…..

    He just perves on your ass, then needs to goto the toilet….

    Your providing a service to him…

    Good gurl ๐Ÿ™‚

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