Gymnasts to get Internet Access

In the news today was an article about gymnasts being given broadband internet access to help their performance. The idea is they can watch video clips on a website which they can analyse. Now I don't see this helping. You are taking an athlete and sitting the down for hours on end at a computer screen. They should be practicing in the gym. I know some of these gymnasts are stick thin but we don't want them becomming tubs of lard(like me). Bad bad bad idea. Whip them into shape and make them work harder, stuff the multimedia. Multimedia is only around to keep brainless morons in a job after doing a meaningless degree.

3 Replies to “Gymnasts to get Internet Access”

  1. tunk ur callin ya sen a brainless moron…..why are you doin dat on ur own site… know people are gona have summat to say about it….. :rolleyes:

  2. May I remind you that I am an electronics student and NOT multimedia. Therefore I am not insulting myself.

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