It has been said that SARS may be from outer space and arrived at earth on a passing commet. The question here is not about SARS but us. Could we too have arrive on this planet in bacterial form in the same way? Could I be a decendent of E.T.? Most people would say yes to this last question as I dont seem to be like most other people.

Another thing to consider is that if this planet was colonised by bacterial life which we evolved from, might the originators of the bacteria want it back. If this planet has evolved into a habbitable form for the originators then they could want to move in on our nice green turf. To this effect SARS is the answer to thier invasion problem. How do they get rid of the planets dominant species? Well simple they infect us all with a deadly virus and when they arrive the population is reduced and takeover is easy.

Watch the skies people, THEY are comming.

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  1. Heather summed it up yesturday – get out more! – no infact get a girlfriend!

  2. Tunk, mate i understand you, am abit scared that the SARS thing will come over here as i know it is moving quickly. One thing tunk am sure when we go to Norfolk you’ll get a girl, your brilliant and andy is gonna make sure you pull. Plus do wot you like stay in or go out….

  3. But it’s already over here Lisa, somethin like 6 people are in hospital and 2 have died.

  4. I would like to remind Ian that we should have gone out but he was the one who let me down by complaining his feet hurt. I think somebody with SARS should be put on EBAY then we can bid for them and have our own victim πŸ™‚

  5. Interesting theroy Tunky baby, But at a small 6% death rate it isn’t a very good virus to use on us! what about aids (90% death rate) or the simple flu (9-11% death rate) i think SARS could turn into yet another annoying virus like flu or a cold (“Sorry Mike i am not coming in today i have SARS”) well there is something for you to consider

  6. OH and Paul no one has died over here from it yet 6 confirmed cases! AND yes i must be sad to know all this stuff

  7. I’m not worried about knowing whether someone’s died from SARS in this country, more about the fact that you know the death rate of AIDs, something we don’t know?


  8. Apparently Lisa, unless I’m my usual skint self πŸ™ In which case it’ll be a night in with the missus :(:(

  9. Harsh, yes, Heather. Oh well, I’m sure that between you you’ll sort out some kind of witty comeback… πŸ™

  10. “Oh well, I’m sure that between you you’ll sort out some kind of witty comeback… “
    Is what i was replying to

  11. Yeah, funnily enough I know what I typed. Unfortunately I don’t see what me posting “Nasty comments” has got to do with whether you treat me to the witty comeback I deserve…

  12. lol, who says I’m angry? And what do I have to be jealous of? And also, what makes you think I’m angry with everyone?

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