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Today's highlights.....well there hasn't really been any. Had a day of decorating Andy p's bedroom and also watching him getting his hair in paint and tripping up the paint tub....lol.

Just one mention to Paul about my last posting.....Leave me and andy to our relationship i do not think its any of your business to say what we do with each other plus the word marriage.....where the hell did you get that from??? Coz i am not getting married for along time yet......So all i can say is keep that big nose out of people's business....thanx!!!!

Other things is i am happy to see my big friend TUNK happy after so long 😀 well done tunky babe!!!


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  1. Well, just my opinion like, when you go posting on a public forum (like this) about it, it because “everyones business” in a way, you put it up here for people to comment on, and thats just what he did, maybe you was expecting a congratulations, (oh, and congratlations :mrgreen: ) so but it was up here for a comment nonetheless…

    However, to be fair you didnt mention marrige, but perhaps hes had a prophecy of whats looming!


  2. What?

    You dont see my point?

    WHen you make a post, below it theres a link “Make a comment” so surely when you make a post, thats what your inviting people to do??

    Your fucking site mate.

  3. titch mate, i know ppl see the posting but i just didnt say owt bout marriage dats wot am saying, so you dnt have to make a big deal out of it.

  4. Err, well considering you reckon you’re in love after 2 months, what do you expect? And if it’s no one’s business but your own, why the fuck are you telling us about it?

    It’s called a “Joke,” I’m not sure if they exist in Derby, although they have the biggest joke in England situated in Prideless Park 😀

  5. Prideless Park :mrgreen: how apt on a day like this 🙂

    Im just surprised that this is tunks site, yet he doesnt understand the concept of the fucking thing :rolleyes:

    and im sure people will agree my first comment was in noway trying to induce an arguement.

  6. Just as my comment about marraige, when did i say she’d mentioned it? Exactly, i didn’t, it was a joke, the “Andy, get out” bit was harsh coz as much as you’re an annoying bint Lisa, you make andy happy and that’s all that matters.

    I have no more to say on the subject 😉

  7. Paul and Anthony, whats ur problem? Why do u have to pick a fight with everyone who dares to challenge ur opinions. Lisa is happy, u jealous of that or something? Leave her and andy alone.

    If you havent anything nice to say, why say anything at all.

  8. FFS you daft twat… read what i said :rolleyes:

    Why does everyone think i was trying to incite some sort of arguement.

    I even congratulated her!!!
    Also pointed out that in no way did she mention marrige, and it was Paul who brought it up.

    I just pointed out the obvious, that if you put something up on a public forum, above the heading “make a comment” your going to get people expressing their opinions, and whether that is that they feel “love” in 2 months is shockingly early, or whether its comments of congratulations, its peoples opinions that your going to get…

    So get off your fucking moral highground and read what i said!

    “Leave her and andy alone”? i wasnt commenting on their relationship or anything! its nothing to do with me, i was merely expressing my opinion about posts on here.

    If i made a post about being suicidal, id expect people to make comments on it, whether they be telling me not to do it, or suggesting that i should use a rope as not leave a mess for some poor bastard to have to clear up.

    I just dont see how you can slap something up on here and not expect people to make judgement on it!! i thought that was fairly obvious.


  9. Fair enuf, i realise a few comments were a little abrupt, i was going to make another post apologising for all the ‘fuck offs’ – but couldnt be bothered, just you seemed to get totally the wrong end of the stick, along with everyone else, which i found annoying!

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