True Love

Lucious Lisa

Well i haven't wrote a page for a while so i just thought i'd write one today seen as my day has consisted of absolutely nothing at all.
But i also want to say one thing which i'm not in the slightest bit ashamed of and that is "i have fallen in love with Mr.a.plumridge....which people will will know him by Andy p.....but as Peck my friend knows him by ickle bott bott now.... 😀
Andy when you read this i want you to know......I LOVE YOU!!!
Well hope everyone is having a good weekend?!!!


6 Replies to “True Love”

  1. Oh dear. After 2 months? You’ll be married within the year… 🙄

    Get out while you can andy me old son 😉

  2. I think they will probably marry but why rush into it. They have the rest of their lives together, marriage can come later.

  3. marriage you’ve gotta be kidding am not old enough yet plus am not get married till late 20’s. and paul keep you thougths to your self….Thanx!

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