I just read an article in todays Daily Mail. It went on about how Thomas the Tank Engine is frightening young children. All the train crashes put children off going on trains. What a load of crap. I watched it as a youngster and it did me no harm (Honestly it had nothing todo with my current sick and twisted state).

Keep out of our live you damn researchers and dogooders. Let people live a little and express their own opinions. We dont want your ideals forced upon us. Rise up now people and let chaos rule.

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  1. Ohhh dont get me started on all this crap, its like the whole political correctness thing, its way over the top, and if i could be arsed id write an hour long piece on it 😡

    In fact, i have nothing better to do…

    I mean, what was it in the 60s they wanted to be called??? coloureds? then negros, then blacks, now… now its.. “Afro-Britains” well which are you?? African or British?? hmmm im guessing your African, your proud of your past, your herotidge… but wait, that wouldnt entitle you to the job seekers allowance, the NHS and countless other tax paid “luxuries” we have in this once damn find nation of “ours”.

    And thats without stating the obvious, is a dog born in a stable a horse?

    Yet, you see the problem doesnt just lie with them themselves, but middle classed white liberals who by thinking up new rules, new names to call them, and by banishing “baa baa black sheep” and BLACK Bin liners in Dudley, and stopping people from flying Union Jacks in Bradford because it “antagonises the racial tension” when in reality, thats excatly what THEY are doing, they are making the issue out of it.

    I have one easy solution though, kick em all out..

    A harsh racist view i hear you shout… well think of it this way… how can racism exist in a white britain??

  2. Exactly boss, best way to get rid of racism is to get rid of the blacks 😉

    Not forgettin the pakis, of course

  3. Whilst the opinion expressed by Paul is quite racist I find myself agreeing to quite a few points expressed by Anthony.

    These days the ethnic population (I’m not going to start calling then “Afro-Britains”) manipulate the system by pulling the racism card out to manipulate the circumstances. The police are affraid of cracking down on ethnic groups of trouble makers as they get grief from all the dogooders for singling them out. But wait a moment, isnt it these minority groups that are causing the problems in society.

    Everybody seems to have some sort of rights protecting them these days. The only exception is the White Male. We are expected to take insults and not mind them.

    Well my plan is evntually to leave Britain. Its going downhill and I dont want to be here when it hits rock bottom.

  4. Well, I can attempt some kind of intellectual post, no doubt it’ll turn out racist again though.. 😉

    Tunk’s right, the country is going downhill, The BBC bring out a new radio station calling itself something along the lines of “The Place for New Black Music.” Now hold on, just imagine the uproar if me and Anthony made our own radio station advertising it as a “White music station.” We’d be arrested, executed maybe.

    Or another example, when we were in chaucer junior there was this paki, some lad called her, saying she’d “been in the oven too long,” cracking comment, I know. He nearly got expelled. What the teachers didn’t bother about is that the reason he called her is because she called him a “white honkytonk” or something similar. Where’s the fucking justice in that?

    I’m sure you can’t really blame me for the above comment, get rid of the blacks, get rid of the racism. 😐

  5. Even queers can claim discrimination these days, its sick!

    – Another example of this race issue is when, me and a now turned greeeb Nelly were out of chaucer juniors, and spotted the aforementioned paki walking home, we laughed and pretended to follow her, the next day i was in the headmasters office being bollocked for being “racist” i dont recall making a single racist comment on that occassion. 😡

    New figures also report that “Ethnic minorities” are searched by the police 7 times more likily than us chalkies, what they fail to mention is that whilst these “minorities” are just that “minorites” the amount of crime they cause is totally disproportionate to that of us chalkies… they are serched 7 times more often, because they are 7+times more likily to be a criminal.

    Look at all the areas in Britain, those with a high ethic population are were crime is rife, Bradford, Manchester, London etc… and then more specific regions like in Nottingham, the shittest areas with the higest criminal activities are St Anns and the Meadows… again with a higher population of “blacks”…

    Shocking, get em out.

  6. And the reason they commit more crimes is because they believe they’re being treated differently to us. Well what do they expect?!?! The majority of them are thieves who carry guns and knives. As Anthony stated, more ethnics are being searched than chalkies and people have complained, but what they don’t know is that no doubt 6 out of 7 blacks searched are found to have something incriminating on their person.

    At the end of the day, if you’ve got nothing to hide, why bother about being searched? And people who complain about CCTV, if you have nothing to hide, why be bother about being watched?

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