Emotionless on the outside
My heart no will to beat
Shattered bones and emptiness
I have lost the will to live
Sadness fills my confused head
I cannot carry on
Any hope of future, disappeared, dispersed, gone
Looking into the darkness
Falling for eternity
My path has no turnings
I might as well be dead


9 Replies to “Dead”

  1. Tunk uve really gotta come out of this depression somehow. A lot of it is just thought patterns, u need to do something new, that way u stop associating ur depression with ur everyday life. Join a club or take up a hobby, something to get u out of the house. Please!

  2. I wasn’t being serious and considering you blocked and deleted me i don’t see how you can also be serious

  3. yeah but then i was nice, told tunk to tell you all the nice things i was sayin but no doubt he didn’t bother in order to steal you for himself!

  4. As much as I would like to steal Heather it looks like she has her eyes on another :(. If Heather is happy then thats all that matters.

  5. I wouldn’t worry about it Tunk, as I’m sure you’ve found out, life’s shit anyway 😉

  6. Tunk your very good at writing poems i dnt know how you do them so well….only that poem is very harsh i no i say i hate life and im depressed but that is too bad. PLz tunk i’ll help you if you help me plz dnt write that again. love ya tunky babe xxxx

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