Luscious Lisa

Here we go folks, another columnist. Lets hope this one writes more than one article.

Luscious Lisa

Well i am a new Columnist and a very good one too. You'll know me by being Mr.Andy p's bird.
Today's highlights are nothing really just that i went into the wonderful city of Derby to collect some holiday brochures for Mr.Andy p and myself, as we are thinking of taking a nice romantic holiday for my birthday.
My bedroom got raided with the vaccum and polish....Scary! My friend decided to come round and tell me what a good looking Chap Andy is but when i went to tell Andy he was having none of it.
I am privillaged to be part of Hunky Tunks website.
Hope you like my Welcoming.


7 Replies to “Luscious Lisa”

  1. Well to be honest Tunk I found it hard to send you another article as you seem to block me daily…

  2. Nah it’s coz I “irritate” him. Funnily enough, he’s not the first to say it 😉

  3. oops no. i just thought they mite of thought dat sori. and andy to put things rite….wot sex are you if im a lesbian?
    Mr andy p is a retard.

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