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Delta Nova welcomes, Paul aka Peej.


A combination of listening to the missus's words of 'wisdom' and reading through an oldish issue of FHM got me thinking about how stupid girls are.

"Do people who celebrate Ramadan celebrate Christmas?"

Me: "It finishes in an hour, must be half time."
Missus: "No, it's just started, Rugby only lasts an hour and a half."

"Ooohh, Family Fortunes is on, It's not hosted by 'Des Lennis' no more though."

These are just a few of "Laura's Gem's" which would need a website of it's own to show in full. I would make this website myself, honest, I'm totally capable but I have no mouse. That's right, no mouse, broke the fucker. And now Tunk wont tell me where he lives, reckons I'm gonna come round and nick one of his, I don't think we're going to end the day as friends, well, as people who thankfully have never met yet for some reason talk bollex on msn...

Can't be arsed to write nowt else, got better things to do on a Sunday... 😳

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  1. Its a little animated gif i was asked to include. It doesnt show up well on black background though

  2. I suppose you will be blaming your girlfriends “unfortunates” on the fact that she has blonde hair?! Well, I have blonde hair and am I unintelligent? by andy p

  3. Hehehe she is blonde infact, as soon as I sent it Tunk to put on here I knew I’d made a mistake insulting females. I’d just like to withdraw that statement, women are clever.

  4. Lisa I’m sure “Andy P” wouldn’t come on here with your name and then tell me he is blonde. Infact I’m sure “Andy P” wouldn’t come on here and refer to himself as “Andy P.” I’ve also noticed that since I met Andy he’s never been blonde.

    A very confusing comment you made, and you’re blonde you say? :mrgreen:

  5. no really paul he was on my laptop and while i must of not been here he came on the internet and obviously decided to write dat as i am not like someone who would write dat ask tunk….

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