They Hid Me Away

Today I have been mainly hidden away in a cupboard orgainising alcoholic beverages. "Yeah, sure you did". Don't mock me people its the truth. I spent hours sorting out stock to be sent back to the depot, the company as a whole is corrupt and organised like two rabid dogs in a pit with only one Tesco Employee to sink their teeth into.

The day passed quite quickly, a good thing as the boredom factor was very high.

We now have a darts board. It's just another thing to distract people from their work. The buggers are lazy enough as it is. If they applied themselves the store would be alot better. The manager should apply himself less as tends to make things worse.

I need practice my darts as currently I would stand a better chance of scoring by dropping them on the floor.
I can t think of anything else to add, so I'll leave it there for today.

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  1. Yeah the shop floor lads do no work as it is, giving them a dart board will surely make it worse. But maybe its just to keep us all occupied.. not like theres any customers now tesco has opened.

  2. Oh, i see, well i apologise, it just appeared that you seem to be constantly annoyed with the management staff over there..

    And i didnt realise that you had responsibilities other than “reorganising the biscuit section” 😉

    Surely Tesco would be eager to snap up such a valuable member of a rival establishment, somebody who can keep a level head in times of chaos (specifically around the biscuit section late at night, you know what those f*king junkies are like when they have their munchies and are wanting some custard creams or even for the rich kids out there… Bourbons… its chaos, i can only imagine.)

    And… as they say….

    “Its better to be at the bottom of a ladder you want to climb…
    Than half way up one you dont…”

    Its something to think about mate, something to consider…


  3. Whats wrong dick? are you scared???
    Scared because you obviously have no education…
    Youve been working at somerfield since you left school, which isnt something to be ashamed of… only, your almost 30 years old.
    And now youve realised that its only a matter of time before Tesco steal your consumer base, and force somerfield to close the shop…
    Leaving you out of a job, with no prospects to talk of, no education, hey… fuck it…
    You might as well end it all now mate 😉 :mrgreen:

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