A New Keyboard

Over the last couple of weeks I have been using my new keyboard, a Corsair K70 (Cherry MX Blue Switches, Red Backlighting). I had been eyeing up a mechanical keyboard for some time; putting off the purchase due to cost. Finally one of my considered options appeared on offer and I finally parted with some cash.

My past couple of keyboards have been from Logitech. The MX3100 Cordless Desktop had served me well from around 2004 until the present. I dabbled with a K270 in 2012 but the spongy feel soon caused me to swap back.

The K70 is solid, it doesn't flex or slide across the desk. The back light will take a little getting used to but can be turned off. The MX Blue switches themselves feel lighter to the touch than I was perhaps expecting. This is no bad thing. The clickyness did worry me slightly as I had originally intended to get the MX Brown switches. The click is noticeable but hardly a problem.

Based on some reviews of the Cherry MX switches I purchased some o'rings to fit to the keys (to stop them bottoming out noisily). The sound of the keys bottoming out didn't really bother me. When trying a few keys with the o'rings fitted I found that I didn't like the reduction in key travel and removed them.

On the whole I like the K70. If I get a decade or more usage out of it like the MX3100 I will be very happy indeed.

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