Spending my cash

In an unusual change from my routine I partook of a bit of shopping. "What kind of shopping?" I'm glad you asked that. Shopping for clothes. Not being the slightest bit interested in fashion it was quite an achievement for me to purchase 2 shirts from different shops. Whilst its not going to do anything to vastly change my stunning (feel free to change the last word as appropriate) looks, its something else to wear when I go and flaunt my body on the odd night out. The grand sum of £40 was spent, (the computer fund cries as it realizes its upgrade is now even further away) but why spend less? To celebrate mu purchases I indulged in a couple of pints of ale. Today has been a marvelous day, the week can only get worse.


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  1. I am a prorn director from America and I have seen the picture of the two lesbians on your site and I am very interested to do a shoot with them performing for me. They both seem pretty but I am particularly interested in the beautiful blonde one. Do you have a contact address or can you tell them I am interested please?


    John Longdong

  2. The thing is they are not lesbians and the blonde is going out with my mate andy. So try looking else where.

  3. Dear Paul is that because last time you pulled a bi-sexual it was Big Hairy Pete?

    The weird thing is it wasnt just the once im told.

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