Busy Day

Today has proven to be a very busy and interesting day. It all started to kick off when I poured soya milk down myself due to it leaking in the package. I was whisked away from my usual routine business to help in the reorganization of the biscuit section. This involved climbing over stock cages whilst not too badly crushing the contents. "Why did you do this?" I did it so i could get some shelves from behind them. Several trips over the top of the cages resulted in a lack of the correct parts. I was dispatched to Focus to get a Hacksaw. (It only cost 78p and was of reasonable quality). Using my tool I abbreviated some perspex edging, Is there no end to my talents? My hulking great mass was then required to maneuver the security box for emptying the cash out of the till. But being me I was heavy handed with the wrist strap and set off the internal alarm. I went a deep shade of red :oops:. Twas then time to wreak havoc in the warehouse with the moving of shelves with stock on them. Myself and 7 others used our combined skill to rotate 24 feet of connected shelving through 90 degrees and reposition it. Add on a spot of cleaning/stocking/reducing and that's my day really.

The canteen was not a pleasant place to be due the presence of loud and irritating individuals. After a stack of remarks about me being thrust in my direction they left. It was then time to talk to the delightful Hollie. I tried to start a conversation but it was very one sided. This was a shame as she is a very nice person :). Emma came in for a chat and all seemed a little brighter. I left work on a high note as Heather smiled back at me whilst at the same time blinding me with her dazzling blue eyes.

All in all not a bad day
Rating 8.5/10 Quite good for a Saturday.

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  1. She rather obviously wants you mate, i think next time your going about your “usual routine business to help in the reorganization of the biscuit section. ” you should Invite dear Heather to help you ;o)

  2. I’d say Heather wants me and tell you both to fuck off, but she hates me more than both of you :D:D

  3. erm, that was supposed to read, “she loves you mate, your cool ;o)”

    but yeah, you seem to love yourself too ;o)

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