This is where I sit

This is where i spend most of my evenings sitting.

Not very exciting i know but I thought a few pics would add some much needed colour to the site.


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  1. It’s bigger than it looks, the desks a fair size too.

    Notice the 400Wrms speakers, the cordless optical mouse and my new Aluminium case.

  2. Yes tunk, it is a very nice desk, just how big excatly is it? do you have any measurements for it? (your desk, dickhead!)
    Also, where abouts did you purchase it from, and how much would a desk like that set me back?

    It is a VERY nice desk after all.

  3. Fuck the desk, I’m taking quite a liking to the chair. And the nice beige shirt hangin from the door, the pic must have been taken before one of Tunk’s many hot dates.

  4. The desk is from Ikea about £100 i think. 80cmx160cm Top, Leg height varies by about 10cm, I have them set at 70cm which is about the lowest it gets. The draws are £120 and also from ikea. The chair is from argos cat# 617/8077 and is £58. The shirt was either from Next or River Island. Can’t remember which.

  5. Impressive set up you’ve got yourself there mate…
    I think i’ll copy you, if you don’t mind…. well, with the exception of the draws, £120?? are you made of f*king money kid?

  6. Yes the draws are £120. Its from Ikeas office range so its pre-assembled and very strong. Hence the cost.

  7. Hmm, still not convinced myself mate, but all credit to you, i guess you get what you pay for in life.

    I hear theres some “professional” ladies you can get/pay down Forest Road in Nottingham… they any good?

  8. Yes, but he didnt need a new computer as he purchased them, he already had two beasts, but now hes realised his latest one is slipping behind the times, so hes constructing one to take its place.

  9. Just as he didn’t need to experiment sexually with 14 year old youths? Yet did anyway? Or is that a popular ITV1 presenter? I’m confused…

  10. Dunno mate, actually, who the f*k are you? do i know you?

    Hmmm Avril Lavigne on MTV – see you in 5 minutes 😉

    Ahem, i meant 50 minutes :$

  11. 50 minutes? Does it really take 49 minutes to clean the mess up? I would have thought a bit of forward planning with the tissue positioning and a few wipes here and there and you’re done, not that I have any experience in that matter. At all.

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