Dr Dave

Why oh why oh why can't you organise things. You had to move the time of the presentations forward so it clashes with my theory test. Along wit that you also managed to fail in your knowledge of VHDL during a lab session. You either need a holiday or a brain transplant.

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  1. yes, or alternatively, “Mr Rope”, “Mr Pills” all available at your local friendly suicide stall, at competitive prices, with friendly staff πŸ™‚

  2. A good point Anthony my friend. On an earlier visit to one of these stalls, I recieved quality advice into how many pills would take me away from this poxty world and what length and strength rope to use. They even offered me a refund should relatives bring the rope back upon completion of the deed. All in all, a quality establishment. πŸ™‚

  3. Don’t listen to her Tunk. It’s over. She only loves you for your vast I.T knowledge, once she’s used you for that, she’ll leave you like the dog you are. End it. Now.

  4. :@ Granted ur I.T knowledge is vast, but just think how you could benefit the technology of the world! Live tunk Live!

  5. No Tunk, No. I will not let you steal my Heather away from me, even if your IT knowledge is of a much higher standard than mine. I’m better looking, goddam it. I wash for fucks sake, surely that gets me something? Heather?

  6. Its not just my IT knowledge, I have a vast knowledge of Electronics, Mathematics and Physics too.

    Heather is my precious, none of you evil Hobbits are going to get her.

    You suggest I dont wash, not true. I use caffinated soap, it keeps me clean and alert.

    Be affraid of me, for I plan on taking over the world. There wont be a place for you in it.

  7. Hmmm. Tunkmeista me old chap, I won Heather in a private card game last week. And no offense, but how could I be afraid of a person who can’t even spell it? πŸ˜€

  8. Well tunk me and miki still love you you shudnt listen to dat nob head paul, whoeva he is, no offense Paul but your not a very nice chappy.

  9. bit harsh that. dont really see how i can not take offense to being called a nob head. don’t you just hate people though that say “dat” instead of that? uneducated. only word i can think of.

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