Do some work you lazy f*****s

The group report was due on Friday. My late night stint on Thursday meant my bit had been done. Friday I was not pleased by the lack of work from the group. I agreed that they would e-mail it to me today so i could get it finished and handed in by monday. After numerous excuses and delays I haven't been sent a thing. I don't have much hope for getting it done tomorrow as I just don't have the time during the day to do it even if they give it all to me.

It looks like an e-mail to the project supervisor is needed to appologise for the delays. If I fail this module due to this I am going to be very displeased, I wont be surprised if i find myself under the wheels of the double 2.

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  1. Sorry, i think you have your wires crossed Heather – anyway, Tunk doesnt need anyone in his life, he has his home made Virtual Sex machine plugged into his PC… so i hear anyway.

  2. Heather, get a life darlin, as if you’d come on Tunk’s site and post mindless bollex all day, sad, sad person πŸ™

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