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Welcome to DeltaNova

Here you will find my rather dull blog, a few research notes and some documentation. Hopefully you will find some of the contend interesting and useful.


May Update Matthew Tunstall |
It has been a while since I last posted anything on here. Without quite knowing where to start I think it’s best to review my aims for 2023 given that it’s almost halfway though the year. Gereral Read More Books - It’s not going well at this point. I’ve made it to the halfway point of “The Three Body Problem”. I’m enjoying it but I’ve just not been picking it up on a regular enough basis.
Aims For 2023 Matthew Tunstall |
General Read More Books - I have a pile of books to get through. Just started reading “The Three Body Problem” by Cixin Liu. Lose Weight - Will be easier once the Christmas chocolate is gone. Eat a more balanced diet - More salad and vegetables with meals. Projects Build a new PC - I already have my storage drives purchased. Just need to decide on the other bits. Learn Vim - This will be an ongoing project.
2022 Review Matthew Tunstall |
2022 was a busy year for me. We are already well into 2023 and only now do I have time to reflect on what has happened. Timeline January/February/March 2022 - I was enrolled on a work related course and was busy with assignments in the evenings. I passed the course but it’s been a long time since I’ve written such a long assignment. June 2022 - I was successful in gaining a promotion at work.
Going Live Matthew Tunstall |
It has taken far too long but the new look DeltaNova is now here. History Back in January 2021, I made the decision to move away from WordPress. This was the start of a long process of exporting the data from the WordPress database into static files. The static files were in ReStructured Text format and I move the site over to Sphinx. Until now this is what the site was being built with.
Theme Development Matthew Tunstall |
I am tying my best to get the site theme into a state where I will be happy to make it live. It doesn’t need to be perfect but I want to finalise my structure a bit more first. The blog side of things seems to be ok. I want to work on the archive side and viewing old posts a little bit more. It’s functional enough for now. I want to get the longer form Article/Reseach layouts sorted next.
February Update Matthew Tunstall |
It has been a while since the last site update. There are a few reasons for this. Last year I started working on a plan to switch the site over from Sphinx and Restructured Text to Hugo and Markdown. I made a good bit of progress with this and the new design was coming along nicely. Work and other commitments then proceeded to take up my time. Things have calmed down a little and I hope to have a little more time available to work on the site.

Archived Blog

The previous version of the this site was built with Sphinx. It has been archived, but is still viewable HERE.